2017 Appearances Australia-Wide

I was supposed to put this up ages ago, but I’m very close to finishing the first Dragonscales novel (the Exploding Space Dragons thing I’ve been talking about forever) so I’ll post the schedule for 2017 now, mere weeks before I’m due to be in Perth. 

March 25-26 Oz Comic-Con Perth

April 1-2 Oz Comic-Con Adelaide

July 1-2 Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

September 23-24 Oz Comic-Con Brisbane

September 30 – October 1 Oz Comic-Con Sydney

I’ll have copies of the Xuan Wu series to sell, as well as print copies of the novellas ‘Black Scales White Fur’, ‘Gravity Engine’, and ‘The Bride With Red Hair’. I’ll also have copies of ‘Small Shen’ because I know how hard that is to find. I’ve yet to deliver Dragonscales to the publisher so we don’t have a release date yet (I’m so close to finishing it, it hurts).

Oz Comic-Con’s website


3 responses to “Appearances for 2017”

  1. Jessica says:

    🙁 the one week I’m outside of Sydney is the week you will be here. I’ve already told my friend I’m giving her money and a shopping list for signed books. I adore your books.

  2. Ashleigh Ghozali says:

    will you come to Los Angeles, California or Christchurch, New Zealand ?

  3. Walter Huffman says:

    Very entertaining. The characters are well realized. Keep up the good work.

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