coverThe Demon King’s harem is a dangerous place, with the Snake Mothers constantly battling for prizes and promotion. But the smallest Snake Mother doesn’t want to play the cruel games; she just wants to create beautiful works of art. After a chance meeting with the Celestial Emperor of the West, the White Tiger, she quietly plots to escape Hell and find freedom – and perhaps even love.

‘Black Scales White Fur’ is a novella (shorter than a full novel, longer than a short story) that I”ve put up on a number of digital and print-on-demand platforms as an experiment. If you read it, you’re officially one of my guinea pigs; congratulations and have some kibble.

If kibble isn’t your thing, you can download a digital copy in a variety of formats to suit any ereader, tablet, or computer from Smashwords here  for $3.99.

The Kindle version is available here, also for the grand price of $3.99.

The print-on-demand (paper) version is also available on Amazon: be aware that as it’s a novella, it’s only 120 pages and it has the minimalist cover shown left. The quality is quite good, though!

I haven’t attached DRM to any of the versions; I have no problem with you passing it around to any of your friends who you’d like to introduce to my stories.

What the book’s about: it’s in the Emma/John storyline between the end of ‘Heaven to Wudang’ and the beginning of ‘Dark Serpent’ but has absolutely no spoilers and can be read completely independently.