coverThe Demon King’s harem is a dangerous place, with the Snake Mothers constantly battling for prizes and promotion. But the smallest Snake Mother doesn’t want to play the cruel games; she just wants to create beautiful works of art. After a chance meeting with the Celestial Emperor of the West, the White Tiger, she quietly plots to escape Hell and find freedom – and perhaps even love.

‘Black Scales White Fur’ is a novella (shorter than a full novel, longer than a short story) that I”ve put up on a number of digital and print-on-demand platforms as an experiment. If you read it, you’re officially one of my guinea pigs; congratulations and have some kibble.

If kibble isn’t your thing, you can download a digital copy in a variety of formats to suit any ereader, tablet, or computer from Smashwords here  for $3.99.

The Kindle version is available here, also for the grand price of $3.99.

A print-on-demand (paper) version will be available as soon as I view the proofs and approve them.

I haven’t attached DRM to any of the versions; I have no problem with you passing it around to any of your friends who you’d like to introduce to my stories.

What the book’s about: it’s in the Emma/John storyline between the end of ‘Heaven to Wudang’ and the beginning of ‘Dark Serpent’ but has absolutely no spoilers and can be read completely independently.



11 responses to “Black Scales White Fur”

  1. Eric Hood says:

    Thanks for the book.

  2. Marco says:

    I will be happy to be a guinea pig for you Kylie you always write great stuff

    • Marco says:

      Kylie this was a great novella.
      you have done it again cant wait to see more about 137 and her human live hope she will meet tiger and merry him

  3. Cindy says:

    This novella was great, I can not wait for your next book or novella. You are a wonderful Author.

  4. DyslexicBibliophile says:

    Hi Kylie
    Just finished the novella on Smashwords and i’ll definitely be buying the print version when it comes out.

  5. Angela McDougall says:

    I can’t get Dark Serpent in Canada yet. But I found this on and loved it!! You are a wonderful author. 🙂

  6. Kitty says:

    I can’t order this on fishpond, and Amazon doesn’t take paypal. Where can I order it in paperback please? I don’t like ebooks much, I find with books up on the shelf I can see the spine of each book and remember the story and be happy about that even when I don’t have time to read them again, and ebooks don’t do that for me.
    I’m really enjoying this saga, and being so packed with real mythology I don’t even have to feel guilty about buying them as I do with the straight-out fantasy novels I enjoy – my oldest daughter is *meant* to be studying mythology and hero stories, and this is the easiest way to get her interest. She likes the Percy Jackson stories too…
    Has anyone put together a directory of authors writing really readable fiction like these based on the various god/hero mythologies around the world?

    • kylie-admin says:

      Hi Kitty,
      ‘Black Scales’ is only novella size – only 120 pages – so I haven’t bothered with a big print release. I’m planing to write a couple more novellas and then put them together in a proper bindup – that will have a spine wide enough for the title of the book. As it is, it’s available self-published through Amazon’s Createspace as something of an experiment – that has been very successful so far.
      Thank you so much for your kind words – I’m glad that you and your daughter are enjoying the books!


  7. Carryl says:

    Hi Kylie,

    Thanks so much for writing this story – I’ve been awaiting the international release of Dark Serpent for some while, with varying levels of patience 🙂 While surfing Amazon UK again this morning I spotted Black Scales White Fur and immediately bought it.

    I started reading it on my journey into work and have just finished it in my lunchbreak – now I just have to wait til April for Dark Serpent, argh! 🙂

    Brilliant little story, I hope to hear more about One Three Seven at some point in the future.

    Keep up the good, no fantastic, work!

  8. Kevin says:

    Couldn’t stop reading once I got started. Really looking forward to more adventures. Thanks Kylie!

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