Contact Kylie

If you’d like to arrange an appearance for Kylie, please use the form below.

If you’re contacting Kylie to ask her a question (such as When is the next one coming out?*) you might find it answered already in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section. If you just want to email Kylie and tell her how awesome she is, then absolutely go right ahead. She loves positive feedback!

Note from Kylie: “I love hearing how much you like the books, but instead of telling me, how about telling the world? In the new publishing universe, books are often recommended based on reader reviews – in Amazon or on Goodreads. So instead of emailing me here, write a review and post it for all the world to see!”

Some users are having difficulty with the spam filters; if the contact form doesn’t work, you can direct message Kylie through Facebook or Twitter through the links on the bottom of the page.

*: See the FAQ section.

How can I get a signed copy?

You can attend a signing (I list the schedule for signings on my news page) or you can send a postage paid self-addressed envelope and any books you want signed to:

Kylie Chan
PO Box 720
Main Beach Qld 4217

If you don’t include a postage paid return envelope, I’m sorry, but you won’t get them back.

This works overseas as well, I don’t mind sending them provided you arrange for the postage.