I’ve just received the cover for book 8, ‘Demon Child’, and isn’t it wonderful!

Demon Child

For Australian/NZ readers, ‘Demon Child’ will be released nationwide on June 1st.

For readers in the US, UK and rest of the world, Book 7 ‘Dark Serpent’ will be released April 29, and book 8 ‘Demon Child’ will be released September 30.

If you’re overseas and impatiently waiting for ‘Dark Serpent’ to come out, I will have a short linking novella called ‘The Gravity Engine’ that bridges book 6 ‘Heaven to Wudang’ and book 7 ‘Dark Serpent’, and it will be released on digital platforms very soon.

Watch this space, or my facebook or twitter feeds for news and updates on book signings and appearances!

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  1. Robert says:

    I love it, especially the turtle entwined behind the image circle

  2. Chris says:

    Awesome cover……. Best one yet. Will we get a sneak peak at the first chapter like you did the last book?

    • kylie-admin says:

      As soon as the edits are all done and the text is up to publishable standard, I’ll definitely put something up.

  3. Lachlan says:

    Cover is awesome. Is there going to be other types of animal Shen e.g. Peacocks, pandas. Your books are awesome I love them wish that demon child would be released sooner!

    • kylie-admin says:

      What a great idea – Panda Shen! I have way to many characters as it is, I need to control the urge to think up new and interesting people to put into the books!

  4. Lolita says:

    OOH this one looks so good! But doesn’t the title give the story away a little bit? “demon child”? I can’t wait until June! I want to read it now :c

    • kylie-admin says:

      I think it gives the story away a great deal – but don’t worry, there will still be plenty of twists for you.

  5. elias says:

    Id like to imagine that this is actually happening and your books are complete recounts of your life as it happens. (Let me join the acedemy lady emma 😮

  6. elias says:

    I guess we are even because your books make me smile. They also made me want to read journey to the west. Cant wait for ‘demon child’

  7. Christine says:

    It looks Beautiful. I work in a bookstore in Sweden and ordered the Dark Heavens series simply because I liked the covers. I finished the three of them in three days and I just placed the order for the next three.
    I got so frustrated when I finished Blue Dragon and realised it didnt end there.
    Cant wait till I get the rest

  8. Jerome Smith says:

    Your books are so great I had to find a bookstore online that carried the Australian versions so I wouldn’t have to wait!!! :-))

  9. Micheal says:

    I do not like it.
    As amazing as it looks, I feel as though I am being teased. I want to get my hands on this piece of brilliance so badly, it hurts.
    I can not wait to read this, and can not wait to have Kylie Chan sign it for me.

    You are amazing Kylie Chan.

  10. Jeff Donohue says:

    I am a gamer and used the currently setting that you have written for a character in a role playing game I am currently playing. It is by far my favorite game ti play. Love your books (I believe I have told you that a time or to in previous messages to you, but definitely worth saying again), and look forward every week to diving back into my character. Thank you for bringing to life your modern spin on the Chinese mythos.

  11. Jeff Donohue says:

    I am a gamer and used the current setting that you have written for a character in a role playing game I am currently playing. It is by far my favorite game to play. Love your books (I believe I have told you that a time or two in previous messages to you, but definitely worth saying again), and look forward every week to diving back into my character. Thank you for bringing to life your modern spin on the Chinese mythos.

  12. Yasmine says:

    Wow. I just finished book 7 and I was bawling my eyes out at the end. I’ve struggled with infertility and managed to have children, but I lost more than I was blessed with earth side. I am now forced to have a hysterectomy at the age of 25 and that really hit close to home for me!!
    I love your books, it is one of the best series I’ve read. I love how you intertwine modern issues within the storyline, such as gay marriage, disability equality and infertility/miscarriage etc. And omg ‘Game of Boobs’ had me howling with laughter!! It’s so true haha.
    Thank you so much for you’re awesome books- I can’t wait for the next one!!

    • kylie-admin says:

      Thanks so much, Yasmine, and I totally sympathise with what you’ve been through. I think the title of the next one – ‘Demon Child’ – is a complete giveaway on where the story is going, and I apologise again in advance for what I’m going to put you through!

  13. Michael O'Neill says:

    Needs more cowbell. Nah just kidding, love it.

  14. Michael O'Neill says:

    Kylie. A question. I’ve found a few inconsistencies and contradictions from page to page while reading your novels (I still love them). Some of these could simply have been typos (maybe meaning 2 metres when 4 was typed for example) While I’m re-reading them they stand out more to me. Do you wish me to submit them somewhere for potential fixes in future publications/ebooks or just leave it as a “meh stuff happens, oops” and move on?

    I ask as I truly enjoy reading your books and some people appreciate that type of feedback but it can also be seen as just nit-picking and trying to close the barn door after the horse-demons have fled. *chuckles*. Some of this stuff I didn’t notice on the first reading but on re-reading it has temporarily bounced me out of the “book head space” which I usually find detracts from the reading experience. But that could just be me.

    Feedback on potential feedback requested *wraps brain around that and tries not to have it melt*

    I write this as someone with NO literary credentials aside from the sheer number of books I read. *smile*

    • kylie-admin says:

      To be honest, Michael, my publishers wouldn’t make any major changes in future prints so the books will stay the way they are – flawed and everything. Once they’re released only serious mistakes are fixed and minor plot holes are just a part of me trying to keep too many characters straight in my head. People have emailed me long lists of mistakes I’ve made and reassuringly, most of them are plotlines that will be resolved by the end of the series. I apologise if there’s any really glaring errors, I know I’ve made mistakes, but having them pointed out to me wouldn’t really be productive as it would just make me do the Sensitive Artistic Type thing and go cry in a corner for a day or so convinced that I’m the worst writer ever (believe me every time I read a critical review I do this, much to the exasperation of my long-suffering family.) Thanks for loving my books, and please forgive my imperfections!

      • Michael O'Neill says:

        Not a problem. *smiles*. Oh hey, you know if you gave me a copy of the book like a year before it came out I could fix all those in pre-production for you!! *disarming no ulterior motive here smile*

        *chuckle*. Anyway hanging out for the next book(s) and thanks for getting back to me. The main one that comes to mind atm was actually something that occured when Simone first displayed true form and there seemed to be a listed discrepency between her “smaller and less scary” form being listed as taller then her “larger” version. That’s the type of thing that I usually do a “huh” for .. but as you said often they’re just a “oh well, that’s an oops, shrug and move on.”


  15. G Hutchins says:

    Love the series and have been reading it on Kindle. When will Demon Child be available in the U.S. on Kindle?

  16. Lachlan says:

    Great book. When will black jade be released in Australia? Is it likely that it will be ready for a Christmas release

    • kylie-admin says:

      Probably not for Christmas, the book is on hold while I sort out my research proposal with the University of Queensland. Once that’s done it’s full-on with book 9, but when the book is finished it will take a while to be published.

  17. draNgNon says:

    the book is fantastic! your attention to plot details is truly a joy to read. looking forward to the next book.

    I keep looking at the cover and wondering where the panaroma at the bottom is. actually I wonder that about all the covers. would you mind listing that info on your site somewhere, for the curious like me who have never travelled to China or the UK?

    • kylie-admin says:

      Thanks for your kind words! The panoramas on the covers were done completely by HarperCollins, and I think they’re just stock photos. The scene on the front of ‘Demon Child’ is recognisably the mountains of Guilin and fisherman on the Li River.

  18. Rick says:

    Just got done reading book 7 and loved it even with the slight disappointment with how the situation with the western “gods” turned out. Can’t wait for the next 2 books to come out her in the U.S. I haven’t been excited about a group of characters since R.A. Salvatore’s Dark Elf series.

  19. Brian says:

    I’m so excited for this! Yours are the first books I’ve read more than once in a year! I just finished White Tiger for the third time within 10 months! Now onto Red Phoenix. Again! All the books have everything I could ask for. If you do a tour of the USA please come to Chicago!

    • Kylie says:

      Thanks, Brian, I’d love to come to the US!

      • Brian says:

        I’ll be the first in line for an autograph! Not sure if I want my Nook autographed though lol. I guess I’ll just have to buy a new book! The only think I could ask more of is more description of the martial arts in some way or the fight scenes. Though I was a little disappointed in how you had Emma say Tai Chi was weak and couldn’t kill the demons. Being a Tai Chi instructor in both health and fighting, I know that Tai Chi can be destructive. Just because it’s defensive doesn’t mean we can’t give back what is given. Ten times more back! Calling it Soft style is incorrect as well. It’s really “Internal” style. It’s one of the three Internal styles. Including Hsing-I, and Bua Gua Chuan.

  20. Brittany says:

    Just finished reading this fantastic book!! I’m so hungry to read the next book! Is there another one coming for this series?? 😀

    • Kylie says:

      Hi Brittany, I’m glad you enjoyed it! The next (and final) book in the series is ‘Black Jade’, which I haven’t finished yet.

  21. Lachlan says:

    Hi when will Black Jade be released, the wait is killing me. Any spoilers??

    • Kylie says:

      You sound like the publishers – they’re asking this too! I’m about a third finished ‘Black Jade’. Life keeps getting in the way! I’m looking forward to some concentrated writing time very soon and then I’ll be able to work very hard to finish it.

  22. Fred says:

    Is it possible that Balck Jade will be finished in time for a Christmas release this year, please please say yes. I have been rereading the other books, waiting for Black Jade

    • Kylie says:

      Hi Fred, at this stage, no. The book needs to be edited, proofed, printed, bound and distributed, and that process usually takes up to eight months. Since I haven’t actually finished it yet, it definitely won’t be ready for Christmas. Sorry!

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