For the OCD people who hated the fact that ‘Dark Serpent’ was printed in a larger format: a box of author copies of the Australia/NZ version of the book just arrived on my doorstep – in the smaller format, the same size as the rest of the series. The books don’t have the fancy glossy highlights on the front, but apart from that they’re identical in every way – and exactly the same size as the first six books of the series.

I’ll put it up when I know a release date – but as the author copies are done, it should be in book stores very soon. Apologies to everybody I told that it wasn’t happening. Apparently, it is.

7 responses to “‘Dark Serpent’ the same size as the other books”

  1. Ann Sor-Lokken says:

    I really like the series. Will Small Shen be released in the United States? Will it be released as an ebook?

    • kylie-admin says:

      I hope that an overseas publisher will eventually buy the world rights for Small Shen; if they don’t then Queenie and I have Evul Planz ™ to reclaim the world rights when they become available and release it in digital and print ourselves, using the new tools that I experimented on with ‘Black Scales’. Queenie is releasing the first few chapters on her website to give you a sample of what the book looks like – check it out at

  2. Sonja says:

    Ah darn I bought the larger version and I am a bit fussy so I was annoyed that it was bigger than the other ones hehe.

    The series is fantastic – keep up the good work! I just went back and re-read the whole lot and now I can’t wait till the new one comes out 🙂

  3. Kylie Chan books, helping me through rough times and moving with me from house to house, from city to city, Just got out of depression so I’m reading them all again with a new mindset and it’s all just amazing! I will meet you next time you’re at a melbourne con!
    forever faithful

  4. Also, I’m totally OCD. So Not just buying the smaller size, I’m going to buy the books where it has all three in one! When I finish my horrible dental situation that is.
    You are seriously great, thank you for you books!
    *Re-reading Dark serpent so I can read Demon Child that’s waiting patiently on my desk.

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