Note from Kylie: “I love hearing how much you like the books, but instead of telling me, how about telling the world? In the new publishing universe, books are often recommended based on reader reviews – in Amazon or on Goodreads. So as well as sharing here, write a review on their sites and post it for all the world to see!”

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(131) Scott
Fri, 5 September 2014 02:39:44 +0000


Love your books. Easily my favorite book series at the moment. Can't wait until the final book is released.

(130) Nikki
Wed, 13 August 2014 08:15:36 +0000

hi kylie
without your books i somehow feel very hollow.
Please write more about john and emma.


(129) Joanna
Mon, 11 August 2014 01:51:47 +0000

Hi there Kylie
I met you at the USQ bookcase recently and purchased the 2nd and 3rd book of the Dark Heavens trilogy from you. I had only been half way through the first one at the time and now I have finally finished all three.... and desperate to read more. Although I must confess I have to force myself not to buy them right now as I have an amazingly bad habit of only reading those books and not doing other rather important things like paid work, household chores, pay attention to significant others etc.... So lets see how long I hold out for before I succumb to temptation. Oh and really enjoying Black Scales White Fur thankyou - nearly finished it too!

(128) TimTam Barrow
Thu, 17 July 2014 10:47:49 +0000

Thank you so much for these books. I started to read them in high school. I graduated a couple of years ago and completely forgot about them until I was scrolling through a book store a few weeks ago. I can't believe how awesome they are and how I ever managed to forget them! I now have read all 8 of them within the past two weeks!

(127) Melissa
Sun, 13 July 2014 09:22:42 +0000

I am obsessed with this series of books and although I know they will end after a certain number, I wish they would not. These are such well thought out books in terms of character development and consistency and a wonderful blend of classic Chinese teachings and modern culture and even uses IT influences to build this world in which I feel I live when I read these adventures.

(126) Neeka Hodge
Sun, 6 July 2014 18:26:01 +0000

Omg always in love with your books as always. Cant wait for third book to come out in this installment. I have a signed Blue Dragon book mark from you and was wondering did you make other corresponding signed book marks I can get my hands on.
Alas I thought id be obliged to tell you I have purchased the small shen book ive had to swap it 3 times already for as I read some of the pages the writting hasnt been fully been printed. The copy I have at the curent time has some words and pictures not fully printed but as its my 4th copy its by far the best one so far. Im not sure if you are aware of this but as an outstanding author i wasnt sure if stores inform. Hope you can get this fixed.

Keep the amazing work up, I just hope there is many more books to come. Keep our fav shen alive.

(125) Maeve
Tue, 1 July 2014 03:38:54 +0000

Hi Kylie,
Well I can blame you for the untidy state of my home, I have just finished Demon Child and have not done a scrap of housework. Fantastic as usual. Please hurry and write the last installment.
Funny thing is I started the 1st book because it was a trilogy and all books had been written. I am hooked, now off to vacuum and mop....ho hum boring.

(124) Holly
Tue, 1 July 2014 02:08:49 +0000

I Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your writing. I prefer a good book over a TV show or movie any day and the Dark Heavens series kept me reading. I have passed them out to others to read. It had left me wanting more. And I am so excited to find out there are more books. I will be searching for all of them. Thank you for your amazing talent.

(123) Kathy
Wed, 11 June 2014 08:31:01 +0000

Oh my god... such an ending. Could barely put it down. I need the next one. I might just have to reread all the series again to keep me occupied while waiting. Your books are fabtastic, my imagination is completely absorbed by them. Can not wait for the next installment. :-)

(122) Linda Reynolds
Wed, 11 June 2014 02:51:16 +0000

I bought my first book'White Tiger' by chance in a bookstore and thought the story looked interesting. Since I never read just one book by an author I started collecting the first trilogy before reading anything. I found the story interesting never having read much about China nor it's mythology before. The story is interesting, involved and very different from any other fantasy I have read. Since I am a 65 year old retired high school teacher, a scifi fan and an avid reader of everything and anything, this is hard to do. I then couldn't wait to read the next trilogy and ordered them all at once and have been waiting very impatiently for the next ones. Just got Dark Serpent and love it. I will definitely continue to watch for any and all book from Kylie and want to thank her for sharing her talent with the rest of us.brLPM