I’m in the process of arranging some signings for the release of Small Shen. This has been something of a nightmare because it’s so close to Christmas, but the lovely people at Harper-Collins have helped, and I have the Brisbane signings locked in. Sydney I’m still hoping will happen, but it’s even more difficult there because of Christmas. Here’s the ones I have locked in already:

Dymock’s Indooroopilly

Saturday 8th December, 10am.

Dymock’s Chermside

Saturday 8th December, 2pm.

Dymock’s Cnr Elizabeth and Albert St City

Wednesday December 12th, 12 Noon

Rosemary’s Romance Bookshop, Adelaide St City (Upstairs Blocksidge & Ferguson Arcade, 144 Adelaide St)

Friday 14th December, 4pm

– If you can’t make it in-store Rosemary will take orders for personalized copies. She also requests that you pre-order so she doesn’t run out!

Update: Sorry Sydney it can’t happen so close to the end of the year, but we do have big plans for the release of ‘Dark Serpent’ in May of 2013!

12 responses to “Signings for Small Shen”

  1. Linsiew says:

    Hi Kylie, will you be dropping by Melbourne for ‘Small Shen’ book signing?

    • kylie-admin says:

      Only Brisbane (my home town) and a flying visit to Sydney are planned so far. It’s too close to Christmas, hardly any book stores want to hold signings, it interferes with their Christmas displays! The Sydney thing may still not happen as well.

  2. William says:

    Hope you make it to Galaxy. I know they were talking to Harper-Collins about it. Picked up my copy of Small Shen yesterday.

  3. Shirley says:

    Oh no! I was really looking forward to ‘finally’ meeting you in Sydney. 🙁

    I guess I’ll have to wait for ‘Dark Serpent’ to come out!

  4. Zac says:

    Kylie, you have to come to Sydney! You and your books are amazing! I’ve got the whole series so far signed by you and I would feel strange reading the next book and having it not signed. Did I mention you’re amazing?

    <3 Zac

    • Richard Paul Marsh says:

      I have the same problem but on Kylie Chan’s website kyliechan.com you can find a link to order it at Fishpond and you can get The Gravity Engine at Amazon cheers and enjoy Richard Marsh Brisbane PS: I have the lot signed so far just to get the other 2 I am now buying signed good luck mate and her books are truly awesome.

  5. Zachary says:

    I am devastated. i can not find Small Shen anywhere. i am desperate to read it. please help

    • kylie-admin says:

      Where are you located Zachary? If you’re in Australia it should be in any bookshop or online bookseller. If you’re outside Australia, go to the Books page and Small Shen, and you can order it there from a link to Fishpond Australia, which does free worldwide shipping.

  6. Sharon says:

    Will you be coming to Adelaide for a book signing?

    • kylie-admin says:

      I think I may be visiting more places with the release of Dark Serpent in April/May of next year. I’ll keep everybody up to date when I have more details.

  7. Sanny says:


    I’m from Germany and I love your books and can’t wait to read on!

    Unfortunately it is not easy to buy your books in Germany and mostly have to wait an eternity until it’s released in online book shops. I hope it won’t take that long for ‘Dark Serpent’ because it’s killing me not to know how it’s going on!

    Just wanted to tell you that your awesome *.*

    • kylie-admin says:

      It kills me too that the overseas publishers haven’t picked up the third trilogy! Thank goodness for fishpond.com, who will have it available with free international shipping, although books in Australia are considerably more expensive than overseas, which is not of my doing.

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