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I’ve just been informed by the fantastic and awesome Deonie of Voyager Australia that we WILL have (a limited number of) copies of Small Shen at Supanova this weekend! If you’re planning to wait for an e-copy, the digital release will be at the same time as the ‘official’ print release, on December 1.

Small ShenThe international publishers haven’t purchased it, so as yet it’s Australia only.

Supanova’s moved around this year, the entrance will be down the street from the old corner entrance. The venue is going to be much, much bigger. (And hopefully with the extra space, the air conditioning won’t be struggling to cope as it always has in the past!)

I’ll be at the Voyager stand (Stand 20), which will be diagonally opposite from the Dymock’s stand. (More informationĀ  here with a link at the bottom to a map of the venues. It’s spread over five buildings now!)

This is the first time Voyager’s been at Supanova, so go up to them and give them three cheers for being awesome and check out the very best in quality storytelling from Australia and around the world. The book sales will be at the Dymock’s stand but you can check out all the awesome Voyager fantasy/scifi/horror at the Voyager stand and I’ll be there to sign your books.

There’s no limit on the number of books you can bring for me to sign (within reason) and if you decide to bring all six to be signed, and also purchase Small Shen on the day, and then lug the whole lot around with you, you are a hero. Or insane. Probably the same thing.

I am so relieved Small Shen will be there. It’s been a very long wait to finally see this wonderful story published. You can all stop harassing me about it now. Really.

6 responses to “Small Shen at Brisbane Supanova”

  1. becky harris says:

    YAAYYY!!! the Voyager stand will be the first place i go. i cant WAIT to get my hands on a copy of small shen!! you are without a doubt my favourite author EVER!!!!

  2. kylie-admin says:

    Oh, now you’ve made me blush. Fortunately Voyager have said that they’re rounding up as many copies as they can to bring!

  3. Jem says:

    i truly wish you and carole wilkinson could come to nsw sydney supernova next year i just would die to meet you

  4. Chelsie says:

    I missed seeing you so a friend could take the day off work and go because he’s been studying at uni so hard and wasn’t going to get the day off so I could go. So heart broken I have all of your books up to dark serpent! and wanted them all signed lol. Will you be back next time?

  5. Jason says:

    How did Nova go? Any chance you’ll be going to any of the others, especially Melbourne?

    • kylie-admin says:

      Supanova is always terrific fun, but this year I probably won’t be able to make as many Novas as I would like. Keep an eye on this page and I’ll update with any appearances!

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