The Gravity Engine

gravityenginecoverFor those outside Australia who have been impatiently waiting for ‘Dark Serpent’ to be released in April – here’s a little lead-in novella for you.

This story links between book 6 ‘Heaven to Wudang’ and book 7 ‘Dark Serpent’… but can be read separately from the series as well, for those who already have ‘Dark Serpent’.

It’s less time-consuming for me to just put a low price on it rather than give it away, so I’ve put the minimal price of 99c on it – and on the Amazon site it’s already been discounted.

You can buy it on Smashwords for all ereader formats here:

On the Apple store here:

And on Amazon for Kindle here:

It will pop up on the iTunes, Nook and Kobo sites soon, as it filters through from Smashwords.

It’s too small to do in print, but I am planning to put all my shorter works together into a print anthology later.

There’s a preview – the first chapter – of ‘Dark Serpent’ available here as well. It won’t be long before it’s released!

8 responses to “The Gravity Engine”

  1. megan woollard says:

    i love all her books. shes absolutly amazing

  2. Megan says:

    I have read and love all your books, but I have one complaint….

    I need more and quickly!!! Haha

  3. Karen Campbell says:

    Would like to know when the 3rd and final ‘Celestial Battle’ will be on sale? Love the series.

  4. stephanie webb says:

    I love the books every time a new one comes out I have to reread the whole series again.

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