Two signings are coming up for April in Brisbane.

The first will be at Avid Reader in West End, on Monday April 16th at 6pm. It’ll be a free event with wine and snacks, held in Avid’s lovely back garden and hosted by the magnificent Marianne de Pierres. You can register for the event on Avid’s website here:

Register on Avid’s Page

The second will be at BookFace in Orion Springfield, on Tuesday 24th at 6.30 pm. This is also a free event, hosted by Jo Sparrow who is a great friend! If you can’t make Avid because it’s a bit far, certainly drop by to Orion Springfield where there’ll be plenty of parking.

BookFace Event on Facebook

I’ll post the Patreon update for April, and the next installment in the ‘Dark Heavens’ story on the forums there. If you’re not in Brisbane, and would like to see me in your city, consider supporting my travel fun on patreon, to help me get out and around to visit more of you.