Small Shen

Small Shen is the stunning combination of Kylie Chan’s action-packed storytelling and Queenie Chan’s illustrations and manga comics.

In the tradition of the bestselling White Tiger series, Small Shen follows the adventures of cheeky troublemaker Gold who seduces a dragon princess, fights demons and causes headaches for the gods of Chinese mythology. when Gold dis ordered to join the household of John Chen, the Dark Lord of the Northern Heavens, he discovers he will do anything to save John and his family from danger…


Note: This version is now out of print. You can still buy it directly from my store.

PUBLISHER: HarperCollins Voyager
FORMAT: Paperback – 350pgs
RELEASED: 19 December 2012
ISBN-10: 07322-8983-6
ISBN-13:  978-0-7322-8983-6

US/UK/Rest of the World

Not out of print! 

(Available at all book retailers)

Publisher: Kylie and Queenie
Format: Paperback – 329pgs
ISBN-10: 09945-88678
ISBN-13: 978-0-9945-8867-8