January Update


My daughter came up from Sydney and spent much time at the beach. Her cat was extremely pleased to see her, and made sure to remind her exactly what her main role in life should be.

I hope everybody had a terrific break! I’m back at work, typing merrily away and my to-do list is a mile long. l’ve stuck a new 2019 calendar onto the wall, and I already have one booking as well as a trip to Hong Kong and Japan booked for April.

I’ll be in Melbourne for Whitehorse Manningham Libraries Chinese Reading and Writing Festival in March. I’ll be giving two talks:

7 March 4pm, Doncaster Library: ‘Writing Kung Fu’
8 March 11 am, Doncaster Library: ‘Researching China’ with Carole Wilkinson

If you live in Melbourne, you’re welcome to come along to the library and say hello! These events aren’t up on the library website yet, so no link, but I’ll update on my Facebook page with more details when they become available.

The April trip is booked! We’ll be heading to Hong Kong for three days, then Japan for ten days, in April of 2019. More details closer to the trip!