These are called Anticrepuscular rays. Many people on the beach stopped and took photos of them, they were striking.

February Update

Things slow down for me during the summer. I close off unfinished tasks, and spend some time doing jobs that were lower down in the inbox.
I’ve yet to update my website, but that will definitely be happening next. I need to add links to my new speaking agency and school information!

‘Guardian of Empire’

Harper-Collins have established a release date for book 2 of the Dragon Empire series, ‘Guardian of Empire’. It’s due out in April, so watch this space for more details.
The magnificent artists at Harper-Collins have been putting a cover together based on my specifications, and there was some hilarious back-and-forward about the difference between a dress uniform – and a uniform that’s a dress. And kinky boots. If you’re a patron, check out the draft cover images on the site!

Down the Research Rabbit Hole

Another thing I’ve been up to is researching – in this case the Yayoi Dynasty of Japan. There isn’t much hard historical information about that period, but that’s fine because I deal with mythos most of the time anyway. This is a pre-written history era, with minimal artifacts to work off, so it’s not surprising that there’s some wild speculation. I found a book that’s basically Japanese ‘Chariots of the Gods’, and I knew I’d hit the bottom of the research rabbit hole when I saw this:

And maybe the only reason you find this outrageous is because YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.
Okay, maybe not.

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries Melbourne

If you’re in Melbourne, you can catch me talking about Chinese storytelling at Whitehorse Manningham Libraries Chinese Festival on March 7th and 8th.
Here’s a link to the site, if you’d like to book for one of the sessions:
Whitehorse Manningham Library Chinese Festival

I’m tentatively booked for a QWC workshop in May on Writing Fantasy, I’ll post more details of that as I have them.

Patreon supporters are receiving a copy of the Patron-only Dark Heavens story ‘Corporate Liability’ – in print or digital depending on their tier, and sharing comments on draft covers for the next ‘Dragon Empire’ book!