Traci Harding interviewed me and Queenie at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane in September. Here it is on her channel – she has plenty of interesting writing tips and industry news!

November Newsletter

Better late than never! What a wild couple of months.

Townsville Writers and Publishers

What an absolutely legendary group you guys are. Thank you so much. I was driven around, regaled with hilarious stories, presented with a fantastic Thai dinner, and generally had a brilliant time. I cannot wait to go back!

Gympie Library

The best part of this short half-day workshop on self-publishing was watching locals receive their prizes for a writing competition regularly run by Gympie Libraries.  I didn’t have time to take photos, but I felt very welcome and it was another terrific group. You guys have inspired me to really commit to making a self-publishing online workshop.

Adelaide Supanova

I have a bunch of photos from Adelaide but they’re all up on my Instagram so I won’t share them here – wow Adelaide you are super into your geeky fun.

Very special thanks to Patreon patron Naomi (‘sexy, sexy space dragons!’) Vlaholias for helping me sell the sexy space dragons and who regaled me with fascinating tales throughout the con. Seriously, Naomi, you need to write a book about some of your adventures.

Brisbane Supanova

I bought a double table at Nova Brisbane with Isobelle Carmody and Traci Harding for all three of us to share. Unfortunately Isobelle couldn’t make it (next year, Isobelle!) so it was just Traci and me. We had an absolute blast in our home town show. Again photos are up on the Insta but the best part was catching up with all my besties.
Also: Brisbane your Sailor Moon crossplay is on POINT. Dudes (and friends) you rocked it!

This is two separate groups! 
I returned home to many Kitty Glares of Doom. I have not been given permission to do any other events for the rest of the year.

I am in your face to disrupt your work. Also it’s dinner time, slave.

Note on the Hong Kong Protests

I have been watching what’s happening remotely and I still want to go. I’m hoping to make it early next year, depending on commitments. This time of year is for family, so I’ll let you all know if I make a decision. Watch my Facebook and website for updates.