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I’ve been here more than a year now, and the beach still surprises. The sky was an intense shade of pink that the camera really doesn’t do justice.
August is finished, and September is here. I’m making good progress on ‘Guardian of Empire’ (the working title for book 2 of the dragon thing) and I did some fun appearances during the month.

Oz Comic-Con Brisbane and Sydney

The big upcoming news is that I will be at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane and Sydney at the end of September. Many thanks to my patrons at Patreon who are helping me to get there – and here’s hoping that I’ll be able to visit more cities next year (including Perth and Adelaide!)

Brisbane is 22-23 September
Sydney is 29-30 September

I’ll have copies of ‘Scales of Empire’ in print and audio to sign, so come along and say hello!

Byron Bay Writers Festival

I didn’t take any photos at this event, but the weather was beautiful and the setting was fabulous. Highly recommended. I was the guest of the guys from Ingram Spark, who I have an excellent relationship with – they’re the ones who print my novellas that are so popular at the conventions. I sincerely hope I’ll get a return invite!

QWC Workshop on Fantasy

I presented a workshop on fantasy world building at the Queensland Writers Centre in August, and I think I broke everybody’s brains. They came in wanting inspiration and I gave them perspiration! It was a terrific bunch of people and I’m looking forward to giving this workshop again – the Alternative James Bond character they created (without input from me) was a married asexual black woman. Every time I do this exercise, Alternative James Bond comes out as someone different.

Golden Arcade, Sham Shui Po

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The ‘out-take’ going up for $2+ Patrons on my Patreon is an early extract that’s set in Golden Arcade in Sham Shui Po. I’ve made a public post about it that you can check out by clicking on the image: This is one of Hong Kong’s unique places to visit. When I was working as a computer consultant in HK, I spent a great deal of time there, and built relationships with some of the shopkeepers there. Read more about it on the Patreon page.

That’s all for August: I hope to see you in Sydney and Brisbane soon!