Kylie Chan is the best-selling author of the Dark Heavens, Journey to Wudang and Celestial Battle trilogies, which tell the story of Emma, an ordinary Australian woman thrown into the world of Chinese Gods, martial arts, and magic. Emma must deal with a bewildering variety of Chinese mythological creatures from dragons to the Monkey King as she learns martial arts from her employer John Chen, who is really the God of Martial Arts, Xuan Wu.



8 March, 2017
Appearances for 2017

2017 Appearances Australia-Wide I was supposed to put this up ages ago, but I’m very close to finishing the first Dragonscales novel (the Exploding Space Dragons thing I’ve been talking about forever) so I’ll post the schedule for 2017 now, mere weeks before I’m due to be in Perth.  March 25-26 Oz Comic-Con Perth April […]