Pink sunset with a storm on the horizon, and a rainbow fragment in the middle of it. Autumn is brilliant!


April Update

I delayed updating the blog because I was waiting for confirmation from Oz Comic-Con about the possibility of doing their Perth con in May, but I haven’t heard anything back so let’s assume for now that it’s not happening – and if I do hear otherwise, I will send another email out.

I will update everybody about other cons as I find out about them, so watch this space – and the new Facebook page at

Aurealis Finalist!

‘Minds of Sand and Light’ has been shortlisted for ‘Best Science Fiction Novel’ at the 2024 Aurealis Awards, to be held in Melbourne in May. I won’t be at the ceremony, I’ll be at the regional writers festival in Kyogle, so wish me luck!

I’ve only been shortlisted one other time, and never won one, but this one will be hard because the field is full of wonderfully talented Australian authors and everybody deserves to win!

Kyogle Readers and Writers

I adore regional festivals and I will never say no when invited to one. Kyogle is in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales and I’m very much looking forward to spending a couple of days there with my literary hat on.

I’ll be giving a half-day workshop on self-publishing (followed by a workshop titled ‘Making it Good Enough To Publish’ by Melaina Faranda!) on Saturday May 18 at 9.30 am. The workshop will need to be booked separately so pop over to the Kyogle Festival site if you’re interested in attending.

This festival is punching way above its weight in terms of literary accomplishment and varied panels. There’ll be something there for everyone, and an exciting lineup that includes some of Australia’s greatest literary talents.

Serpent Princess

I forgot to ask my editor about ‘Serpent Princess’ when she emailed me to congratulate me on the Aurealis Finalist announcement! Hopefully we’ll hear from them soon. The Patrons have already read it and are asking about the next one. This one hasn’t even been released yet, guys!