Cooler weather means steamboat! Also called hotpot. BEST winter warmer and the Thai ‘Sukiyaki’ dipping sauce I found at the local Asian Grocery is wonderful. So tasty!

May Update

Oz Comic-Con

Sincerest apologies to my Perth fans, due to a mixup at Oz Comic-Con I was unable to make the show. I really wanted to go, but there were some administrative issues and communication failures, and I wasn’t informed about the show until it was too late to attend.
If I go overseas (!) for work related to my HavenXR contract later this year, I will try to stop in at Perth on the way back. I do want to visit you! I could possibly arrange with Stefan at Stefan’s Books and/or White Dwarf to do signings there, it’s just a matter of sorting out the travel and schedule. Stefan wrote a glowing review for ‘Minds’ in the premier Australian trade publishing magazine, ‘Books+Publishing’, so I definitely owe him a visit. I will do my best to get to Perth some time this year, and will definitely make Perth Oz Comic-Con next year, regardless!

Cons for the Rest of the Year

Oz Comic-Con still have Adelaide and Melbourne in June, and I’m hoping to hear from them soon about doing these shows. I will keep you updated, so watch the June newsletter (and my Facebook page) for confirmation about them. Then I have Brisbane and Sydney later in the year!

‘Serpent Princess’

I am still yet to hear from Harper-Collins about it, but a six month delay for acceptance is normal. I have started work on the next one in the series, which will invert the ratios: ‘Serpent Princess’ is about 75% Simone and 25% Emma/John; the next (untitled, maybe ‘Dark Empress’?) one will be 25% Simone and 75% John/Emma. As those Patrons who have read ‘Princess’ know, SimoneĀ againĀ has a great deal of aftermath to deal with!

Thanks for staying with me while we sort this out, and I do want to visit all of you in person! Fingers crossed I can work out the Con issues and visit you all to share the excitement.