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‘Scales of Empire’ signing at Galaxy Bookshop Sydney on March 3rd

Galaxy Books in York St Sydney will be hosting me for a launch and signing of ‘Scales of Empire’ on March 3rd at 11am.
Annie McCann of Read3r’z Re-Vu will be there to ask me questions about the writing process, the ideas that led to ‘Scales of Empire’, and the future of both my series.
Come along and say hello, I’d love to see you all there!
Event details on Facebook

Scales of Empire Featured on iBooks

Not too long until ‘Scales’ appears in book stores – the publishers contacted me today to let me know that they’ve received their copies, and the shiny bits on the cover (there’s a technical term for this but I don’t remember what it is…) look great. My book has shiny bits!
In the meantime, ‘Scales’ has been featured on the Apple iBook store as ‘What To Read This Month’! Usually books in this feature are literary fiction and non fiction, so it’s a real honour to be included…. This only works for people with Apple products, though.
Watch this space for further updates!

New Website

I’ve intended to rebuild my website – with more personal control – for a long time and this is the result. I’ve added a newsletter so you can subscribe to updates on new releases, and the Patreon is up!
I didn’t even realise that the contact form on the old website was broken – I’ve been so engrossed in producing the first book of the Dragon Empire series that I completely missed it. This new site has a refitted contact form that should work now – but I still won’t be able to reply to every fan mail I receive!
I will continue to tweak the site – I still haven’t put all the novellas in – so watch this space.