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May Update

From ‘White Tiger’: The sun set behind us. The high rises along the beach made elongated shadows on the sand. The sky turned a delicate shade of lilac and the breeze became cooler. The beach was almost deserted. I pulled on my wrap. … This passage is the quintessential Gold Coast image for me. There’s even a tower painted in the same twilight lilac as the sky.

May Update
Adelaide Oz Comic-Con is go! I will be in Adelaide on May 21-22 (Oh no panic time do I have enough books?) at the Showgrounds for Oz Comic-Con. Get out your cosplay Adelaide, this will be wonderful!

I remember the outpouring of grief when Oz Comic-Con and Supanova both threatened to abandon Adelaide and Perth because they weren’t ‘economically feasible’ and I am so glad that the show is back for you, everyone.
After Brisbane, one of my friends complained that I didn’t post enough Cosplay pictures. This was because I was so busy talking to fans, I never had a chance to take any! Let’s hope that Adelaide’s the same and I have absolutely no good shots of the cosplayers to share.
As part of preparing for Brisbane Comic-Con Homegrown, I ordered some books from my publisher. Once again, they’re all different sizes. The first two books of ‘Dragon Empire’ are smaller than the last one, and I have limited numbers of the all-the-same-size international versions of the trilogy. I’ve checked my stock and I have four sets that are all the same size books, and I’ll bring them to Adelaide.
If I run out of books at Adelaide we can always arrange for me to send you signed copies anyway. And if you’d like to bring copies for me to sign there’s no fee involved (I’m not famous enough!) and you can bring as many books as you like.
See you in a couple of weeks Adelaide – and special thanks to the Patrons on Patreon who are partially funding this trip to South Australia, I couldn’t do it without you!

April Update

‘And what time do you call this then? We’re dying of starvation here!’ – Pixie
This is one of the faces waiting for me on my arrival home from Brisbane Oz Comic-Con.

(Don’t take the picture yet I’m not ready oh what you already took it?)
Thanks so much to everyone who came to say hello at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane on March 26 and 27. It was so good to get back into the groove and hang out with my awesome authory-type friends!

Left to right: Thor of Oz (who is just lovely and not Chris Hemsworth), me, and the brilliant authors Kathleen Jennings, Trent Jamieson and Queen Isobelle Carmody, in her new tiara.
I did a panel about COVID with Dr Candice Michelle Goodwin, who is both a microbiologist and a science fiction author, and another with Isobelle on how our paths to publication diverged so spectacularly.
Definitely the best part was seeing my Brisbane fans. As part of their high-level patronage, I gave Patreon patrons Sonya and Monique passes to come to the show so they could spend the day sitting with me at my table, wandering around looking at everything and enjoying the panels. I told them all the stories that I can’t tell anyone unless it’s in person and we had a terrific time!
I’m still in talks with the Comic-Con people about doing Adelaide (which mostly consists of me emailing the lovely people there and saying ‘Hey I wanna do Adelaide how about it?’) so as soon as I know for sure, I will put it up on my Facebook and website.
As part of my arts-centred career, I joined the committee that decides the project funding for the Regional Arts Development Fund. We met to assess twenty-one fabulous applications – and could only fund four. It was heart breaking as a practitioner to have to turn down so many culturally valuable projects, but the ones that we approved will be wonderful.
Now that the con is over and all the books are out of my car, I’m back to work on the new Simone/Emma spinoff (that the patrons are reading). I have a book to finish!

March Update

Aftermath of the floods – the beach was covered in debris. This cabinet could have been part of a boat? They pulled it out of the water because it had broken glass in it.

This month is going to be super busy for me! I have the Character Building workshop next weekend, and then Oz Comic-Con Brisbane the weekend after that.

I’ll be at Redcliffe Library on Saturday 19th March at 1.30, and you can use the link to register. The workshop is free, sponsored by Moreton Bay Libraries.

I’ll be in Artist’s Alley, and I’ll post my location on Facebook and Twitter when I receive the floor plan.
If you’re coming along to either of these, please be aware that my hair is darker than it is in the headshot photos: I’ve found a new salon in the Gold Coast and the colourist has been playing around with the colour, looking to give me more ‘depth’. At least the current shots look like me – the head shot in ‘White Tiger’ is nearly fifteen years old now!
My daughter left a great deal of stuff here in Queensland when she moved to Sydney, and she finally went through our storage unit and worked out which bits she didn’t need. This includes part of her comic collection! I’ll have a bin of comics and manga at Oz Comic-Con, selling for ‘whatever it takes to get rid of it’ prices. There are some original 80’s Wanda/Vision comics as well!
‘Dark Heavens’ Television Adaptation News
The team in the US have popped up with news again, and this time they’ve signed a major showrunner who did a fabulous adaptation of a famous book series to a TV series. He’s excited to be on board, and now we have the big name with us, it’ll be easier to rally studios to invest into it – we need a studio to fund it, and find a whole production team.
‘Minds of Sand and Light’, my new creative project, is currently with Harper-Collins and it just became extremely topical – it’s set in a future world where Russia is a vassal state of China, and is a propaganda-fuelled war machine storming through Eastern Europe. The last two weeks have made that outcome frighteningly plausible.
I’ll try not to think of that while I work on a sequel to ‘Dark Heavens’ and the second book in this series. And look forward to seeing my Brisbane friends at Comic-Con!

February Update

I pass a nature reserve on my daily walk, and it’s full of fairy wrens that nobody notices because they’re so small and camouflaged. There’s two in this photo.
February Update

Brisbane people I will be at Oz Comic-Con in March! I’ll post more details on my website as they become available.
I’m also talking to the Oz Comic-Con people about doing Adelaide in May, we’ll see how that pans out. They haven’t finalised their shows in the other cities, but hopefully I’ll be able to swing something there as well. Perth – your borders are closed, so that’s a significant factor in the planning. Again – we’ll see.
But Brisbane people come along in March, say hello, bring books to sign (as many as you like) or buy signed books off me, and I’ll be so glad to be out there talking to you again!
I’ll have all the Dark Heavens, all the novellas, plenty of copies of ‘Small Shen’ (which is out of print otherwise), all of the Dragon Empire, and some CDs of the audiobooks to choose from.
(And props to Queenie for being a tireless advocate for having authors at Comic-Con, the new owners had to be convinced that we’d be worth it. So if you do come along, make sure to give them feedback that you wanted to see me!)
Book Sizes

Note about buying signed sets of books from me at conventions: All the books are different sizes and I have hardly any control over it. I’ve listed all the reasons that they’re different sizes here on my website (under the ‘book sizes’ tab), but the upshot is that it is close to impossible to get a complete set of Dark Heavens that are all the same size. I’m doing my best, but I may be unable to get a matching set of Dragon Empire for you to buy at the show as well. I’m talking to Harper-Collins right now about getting some B-format ‘Dawn of Empire’ so that it will be the same size as the other two books.
Redcliffe Workshop

I’m heading back to Redcliffe Library to give my (in)famous Character Creation workshop! This one is on March 19th (a week before Comic-Con) from 1.30 to 3.30, and attendance is free but you must register beforehand. If you’re on the North side of Brisbane, come along!
That’s all I have for now, March is looking super exciting! I am so glad to be getting out and about again, and I’m looking forward to saying hello to my Brisbane people.


January Update

This has been the Gold Coast weather the past few weeks – rough and rainy.

January Update
I’ve just spent three fabulous weeks being – as my daughter puts it – a ‘potato’. The weather has been rainy, windy and rough because of Cyclone Seth just off the coast.
As an Old Lady ™ I have only received two AZ vaccinations for COVID, and with the current situation I am avoiding people until I receive my Pfizer booster. So we spent three lovely weeks on the couch, both playing games, and generally eating and napping and having the first real holiday I’ve had in ages.
I did sneak off occasionally to add words to ‘Serpent Empress’ and also to the sequel to ‘Minds of Sand and Light’ which is well on the way, and will be called ‘Bodies of Stone and Water’. I’ll be submitting ‘Minds’ to Harper-Voyager Australia as soon as I’ve done the final cleanup on it.

If you missed it the first time, the Centre for Australian Studies at the University of Dusseldorf has a Youtube channel, and Professor Bettina Burger is studying Australian speculative fiction! She did an inteview with me in June of 2021, and it’s up on the youtube channel here:
We talk about Dark Heavens, fanfiction, Chinese mythos, and all things wonder and light. It was so much fun I kept forgetting we weren’t just friends chatting.
Patreon news: I just posted some dramatic! revelations for both Serpent Empress and Minds to my Patreon, and I hope the readers enjoy them.
Now my daughter’s headed home to Sydney and I have a lot of work to catch up on. My first workshop is in Redcliffe in March, and I’ll update as soon as I have more details. I may also try to do some interstate book signings later in 2022, since conventions are such a fizzer.
I’m off to get my booster later today, then I can stop being a potato!