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July Update

July Update: Workshops and Articles
Once again I’ve released one of my previous Patreon posts to be fully public so anyone can go and see it. It’s an out-take from ‘Scales of Empire’ with Shiumo (in her human form) from Richard’s point of view. This is an example of $2+ content, so if you want to check out what I post on the Patreon you can go here. $5 and above patrons are reading a ‘Dark Heavens’ story that I haven’t released anywhere else!
See me at Byron Bay Writers Festival
I’ll be participating in a panel on self-publishing at Byron Bay Writers Festival, on Saturday 3rd August at 4pm. I’m a huge fan of self-publishing (as all the novellas are self-published) and love talking about the ins and outs of the industry. I’ll even be giving a workshop on the basics of self-publishing later this year at QWC!
Speaking of workshops, I’ve been booked for two workshops with the Queensland Writers Centre later this year: the first will be on writing Fantasy, a full day on August 11, and the second will be a ‘self publishing 101’ to be held on 24th of November.
I’m often asked about sensitivity and diversity in writing. I am not the person people should be asking, I am Whitey McWhiterson. So I wrote an article about why you shouldn’t ask me for the QWC, called ‘Punching Down’, giving general tips on how to ask appropriate people about writing culture. And once again emphasising that I am not the person that people should be asking about this. I’ll let you know when it’s released!
Dragon Empire 2
I’ve been posting the contents of the next Dragon Empire book onto the Patreon – thanks for the feedback guys! Working title for book 2 is now ‘Guardian of Empire’ because (spoilers) Jian is going to end up as Captain of the Empress’ personal guard. Harper-Collins have accepted this and I am absolutely positive that this title will be changed either by them or me before the book is finished.
That’s all for July, folks! Watch my Facebook for possible convention updates. Nothing definite yet!

June Update

I just finished the Rainforest Writing Retreat at O’Reilly’s mountain resort on the Gold Coast Hinterland. I was one of multiple presenters who gave workshops to developing authors over the weekend, and it was a great chance to share stories and bounce ideas off everybody. I gave my ‘don’t stereotype characters’ workshop and they asked me to redevelop it for a school environment – now that’s a good idea! I even had some free time and was able to do some walks with Queenie, who was also presenting there.

View from the conference centre, where the workshops were held.

Moran’s falls, a 500m walk from the conference centre

In other News!
– I have sent ‘Scales of Empire’ to Tor Publishing in the US. The woman at the post office was very impressed that I was sending mail to Fifth Avenue in New York. Now to sit and quietly panic over the possibility of rejection. After twelve years of being published, I can still get rejected!
– Babel press in Japan have renewed the publishing license on ‘White Tiger’ – and asked for the rights to ‘Red Phoenix’ and ‘Blue Dragon’ as well. They translate the books into Japanese and release them for the local market.
Patreon Posts Are Up
Check my patreon at for more details on how you can subscribe.
$2 Patrons:
There’s an out-take (well, not really) from the Dark Heavens series. It’s early thoughts on John’s return that I wrote before he’d even left. I found it in the ‘unused’ folder in Book 3.
$5 Patrons:
Part 4 of ‘David’ is up. This is an unpublished original novella from the Dark Heavens universe.
$10 Patrons:
The first thousand words of book 2 of the Dragon Empire series!
$25 Patrons:
$25 patrons have the chance to win a signed copy of the audiobook of ‘Scales of Empire’.
Now back to work on Book 2, and watch this space on details of workshops I’m presenting at QWC.

May Update

Public Patreon Post: Out-take from White Tiger
I’ve made an early post on my Patreon forums public, so that everybody can see it. Click the link to read an out-take from White Tiger that really should have been included in the final book. My editor said it needed to go, and I listened to her. I regret it to this day.
Interview with Brisbane Book Authors
It’s been a busy April, with a launch at Bookface Springfield. What a great night that was! I also did a talk at Brisbane Book Authors, who meet at Mitchelton library. As a follow-up, Carolyn Martinez did a quick interview with me, and here’s the link to it:
I didn’t attend Gold Coast Supanova, but I’m planning to do next year’s Nova whether I reach the Patreon goal or not. If I do reach the goal, I’ll be able to do cities that are further away.
On to May! The next thing I’m doing is a workshop at O’Reilly’s resort in the Gold Coast mountains, called Rainforest Writer’s Retreat. It’s already booked out, and the lineup looks great!

April Brisbane Signings

Two signings are coming up for April in Brisbane.
The first will be at Avid Reader in West End, on Monday April 16th at 6pm. It’ll be a free event with wine and snacks, held in Avid’s lovely back garden and hosted by the magnificent Marianne de Pierres. You can register for the event on Avid’s website here:
Register on Avid’s Page
The second will be at BookFace in Orion Springfield, on Tuesday 24th at 6.30 pm. This is also a free event, hosted by Jo Sparrow who is a great friend! If you can’t make Avid because it’s a bit far, certainly drop by to Orion Springfield where there’ll be plenty of parking.
BookFace Event on Facebook
I’ll post the Patreon update for April, and the next installment in the ‘Dark Heavens’ story on the forums there. If you’re not in Brisbane, and would like to see me in your city, consider supporting my travel fun on patreon, to help me get out and around to visit more of you.

‘Scales of Empire’ signing at Galaxy Bookshop Sydney on March 3rd

Galaxy Books in York St Sydney will be hosting me for a launch and signing of ‘Scales of Empire’ on March 3rd at 11am.
Annie McCann of Read3r’z Re-Vu will be there to ask me questions about the writing process, the ideas that led to ‘Scales of Empire’, and the future of both my series.
Come along and say hello, I’d love to see you all there!
Event details on Facebook