My daughter designed this tote bag for me and sent it as a gift. The expressions on Pixie’s (tortoiseshell) and Inari’s (tuxedo) faces are accurate. And yes, they do bicker ALL THE TIME. Her artwork is on the covers of the novellas as well!

October Update


Self-Publishing Workshop at Logan Central Library

I will be giving a short workshop on Self-Publishing (‘Self-Publishing Tips to Get You Started’) at Logan Central Library on Saturday October 29, from 10.00 to 11.30 am.
I agreed to this months ago, and didn’t (at the time) realize that it’s the same weekend as the Stupid Car Race (the Gold Coast 500). I live one street back from the track, and the traffic will be AWFUL. Wish me luck – I’m leaving extra early to make sure that I arrive for the workshop on time. Click on the link to book for it!

(No, that’s not a picture of me)

Writers Victoria Online Course

I have just signed a contract to provide a five-month online mentoring program through Writers Victoria in the first half of next year. Each month, participants will upload an extract of their writing work, for group workshopping and individual coaching by me. I’ll clarify whether it’s available to writers outside Victoria, but as it’s online it shouldn’t be an issue.

Participation will be limited, so as soon as I have more details I will post them on my newsletter/website.

Minds of Sand and Light

I have just spent a completely insane couple of weeks thoroughly rewriting the final act of ‘Minds of Sand and Light’ before Harper-Collins send it through for editing. It’s way better now, thanks to the excellent advice from Shannon, who provided a great structural edit, and Anna the chief fiction editor, who adored it.

Back to work on the Dark Heavens Spinoff (which I’ve been posting to the Patreon) and the sequel to Minds!