This is called the ‘First Pages’. It’s the final version of ‘Guardian of Empire’, in .PDF form, that will be plugged into the printing machine-type doohickey to make the books. And it is obviously Kitty Dinner Time for Madam Furry Butt.


April Update


I’m off at the end of this week to do a research trip to Hong Kong and Japan. I’ll be researching locations for the Simone Spinoff (I suppose I should think of a name for it) and the third Dragon Empire book (I suppose I should think of a name for that too).

My Japanese interpreter will be my daughter, joining me on the strict understanding that we visit at least one Onsen (hot springs) town while we’re there. I’ll be her Cantonese interpreter in HK.
We are going to Hong Kong first, and having a full day there at the end of the trip as a stopover on the way back.

We leave on Saturday 9th April, and the trip looks like this:
Hong Kong  > Osaka > Kinosaki Onsen > Kyoto > Miyajima Island (Another Onsen town) > Tokyo > Then back to Osaka, Hong Kong and home to Australia. We’ll be gone from the 6th to the 22nd of April.

Follow my escapades on my brand new instagram (@Kylie_Chan_Author) or through the Facebook page ( I’ll post photos of the places we go, and how/where I’ll be using them in the books.

I’m freaking out already. Only four days to go!