Portrait Of The Author at rehearsal for ‘Looks Like A Tourist’. Check the end of the newsletter for how to view this performance – done completely by volunteers!


August Update

This one has more happening than usual, so I’ll put the competitions and giveaways up-front where they belong. Let’s get you free stuff!

Free Stuff


I have some MP3 copies of ‘Minds’ and ‘Hell to Heaven’ that I’d be happy to send to anyone who would like them. They’re MP3 CDs, so I’ll sign the case for you, and include a thumb drive of the files as well.

These are author copies, delivered to me as part of the publication process, so I don’t have much control over what’s sent to me. They haven’t sent me author copies of ‘Earth to Hell’ or ‘Heaven to Wudang’ but I’ll be happy to give them away if they do.

also have digital giveaway copies – for any region – from the lovely people at Libro.fm. Libro is a Social Purpose Corporation – they’re not completely motivated by profit. They share their profits with local bookstores – and you can nominate your favourite bookstore when you buy from them. I am not affiliated with them (yet) but I think they’re a great idea – and they’ve given me a bunch of free audiobooks to give to you!

They have digital copies of the ‘Journey to Wudang’ Trilogy – all three books – and ‘Minds’ – also to give away.

If you would like either of these audiobooks, email me at kylie@kyliechan.com by August 31. Specify whether you’d like audio CDs or digital, which books you’d prefer, and I’ll draw the names out of a hat at the end of the month, and announce the winners in the next newsletter!

I also have a code for a THIRTY PERCENT discount for audiobooks from them, until August 31: use the code KYLIE at checkout, and you’ll get a discount! These guys are wonderful.

‘Minds of Sand and Light’ outside Australia

I am self-publishing ‘Minds’ outside the Australia/New Zealand region, and it will be available in digital and print on all platforms on September 1st. I haven’t arranged audiobooks for outside Australia yet, but I will let everyone know as soon as they are up!

The book is up on NetGalley, a way for reviewers to request review copies of books, so hopefully we’ll get a bunch of great reviews for it, which will definitely help with the visibility. Here’s hoping it does well!

Workshop Logan Library – August 19

I am giving my infamous ‘Characters that Pop’ workshop at Logan Central Library on Saturday the 19th of August, at 10am. Attendance is free so come along and smash some stereotypes with me!


Oz Comic-Con Brisbane and Sydney – September 16-17 and 23-24

I’m doing Oz Comic-Con Brisbane on September 16-17 at the Brisbane Convention Centre, and then Sydney Oz Comic-Con at Sydney Showground (Olympic Park) on September 23-24. I’ll have plenty of copies of the books to sign for you, so definitely come along and say hello!


BookFair Australia – October 14-15

I will be at Book Fair Australia on October 14-15 at Sydney Showground (Olympic Park) and will providing more info about this in September, where I will be running a raffle for a free ticket to the show! Keep an eye out for the September newsletter if you would like a ticket to that one.

‘Looks Like a Tourist’ – August 12-13

I was on the Arts Grant Committee when Danielle presented her application for ‘Looks Like a Tourist’ – a choreographed performance by volunteer members of the public, and when we approved the funding, I decided that I wanted to be part of it.

And I am! I will be donning the orange balloon suit and performing at BLEACH* arts festival at Burleigh Heads this weekend – Saturday and Sunday. We have full-face masks, giving us complete anonymity, and have a fully choreographed one-hour performance on the park and beach at North Burleigh. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, and so far – it’s been great fun. Danielle and her team have been patient and thorough and have not expected anything overly complicated – but at the same time her simple, rhythmic choreography (to be performed by amateurs!) will be stunning. So looking forward to this.

Click on the image to go to the page to reserve free tickets, but if you show up on the day you can join as well, it’ll be held in the park and on the beach.


Whew! That’s a lot for this month! Next month I’ll be at Oz Comic-Con, so if you’re in Brisbane or Sydney, come along and say hello!