I took this from an afternoon walk, and locals don’t even stop to watch when the whales breach, it’s so common. The spouts (Thar she blows!) are clearly visible from shore, and then sometimes the whole whale will spring out of the water.

September Update

Big congratulations to the winners of the audiobook giveaways: Kimberley, Richard, Ebony, and Lisa. I hope you enjoy your audiobooks!
I have a busy two weeks ahead of me, and Brisbane and Sydney visits. I hope to see all of you there.

Brisbane and Sydney Upcoming Appearances


I will be at Brisbane Comic-Con on September 16-17 at the Brisbane Convention Centre, then in Sydney on September 23-24 at Olympic Park. Come along and say hello!

My publishers are looking to arrange a bookstore visit for me after the convention in Sydney, as I’ll be staying on for a few days after the show to spend some time with family who live there. I’ll update on my Facebook if any book store visits are on.

If you can’t make it to Sydney Oz Comic-Con, I’ll be the Sydney Book Fair at Olympic Park on October 14-15.

I’ll have plenty of copies of ‘Minds’ and Queenie will be at both events, so if you’re keen to get your copy of ‘Small Shen’ signed by both of us, that would definitely be the time.

‘Serpent Princess’

Ever since I finished ‘Black Jade’, I’ve been talking about doing a ‘Simone Spinoff’ to take her on a journey moving forward from the unpleasant places I left her. The Patreon patrons have been reading that story, and have been incredibly patient with my meandering and false starts (this is why it takes me so long to write a book).

Emma hopped in about halfway through, and started an adventure of her own, and I’ve decided to pull that out and make it another story.

So the upshot is: the Simone story is nearly done, I’m very close to finished, and I will be offering it to my publisher soon, and I’ll let you know what happens.

Looking forward to seeing all my Brisbane and Sydney friends soon. I haven’t been in Sydney for absolutely ages!