While I was in Sydney for Oz Comic-Con, my daughter took me to the Kowloon Cafe in Burwood that even had a sixteen-seater public light bus. I had Emma’s (and my) favourite – baked pork chop on rice. Ho Mei!

It’s been a wild three weeks and I still have places to go. Brisbane and Sydney Oz Comic-Cons were fabulous and I had a terrific time hanging out with mega-fan Patrons Sonya and Monique.

My instagram is full of fantastic photos of the shows, and I made a small collection of Good Omens cosplays…


(Note that I only asked them ‘to look at each other’. I at no point said ‘Look at each other like you are madly in love’!)

GhMX Gaming, Modelling and Hobby Expo


One of the staff of Oz Comic-Con also runs a modelling and gaming expo at Brisbane RNA showgrounds, and he invited me to do a workshop on ‘Adding Story to Your Diorama’ at the show held on September 30/October1. This show was a delight to visit, with people engaging in gaming, model building, and generally sharing their loves. Thanks GhMX Australia, and I hope to visit again next year!

Book Fair Australia

My final event for the year is Book Fair Australia, coming up this weekend October 14-15 at Sydney showground. If you missed me at Sydney Oz Comic-Con, you can still meet me there. I will have copies of all my books to sign, and will present the (infamous) ‘Character Building’ workshop that has proven so popular, on the Saturday of the show at 1pm, and I’ll be joining a panel on Worldbuilding at 11am on Sunday.

The year is nearly done for me, and I can change my focus from appearing at events to finishing the novels I’m currently working on. The ‘Simone Spinoff’ that the Patrons have been reading is nearly done, and then I need to decide what to do with it. The sequel to ‘Minds of Sand and Light’ is also well underway, and I’m looking forward to diving back in to Ruth’s and Cassie’s world.

I’m also doing some self-publishing and writing mentoring through the Queensland Writers Centre, so even though the shows are close to finishing, I still have a great deal of work to do!