July Update: Workshops and Articles

Once again I’ve released one of my previous Patreon posts to be fully public so anyone can go and see it. It’s an out-take from ‘Scales of Empire’ with Shiumo (in her human form) from Richard’s point of view. This is an example of $2+ content, so if you want to check out what I post on the Patreon you can go here. $5 and above patrons are reading a ‘Dark Heavens’ story that I haven’t released anywhere else!

See me at Byron Bay Writers Festival

I’ll be participating in a panel on self-publishing at Byron Bay Writers Festival, on Saturday 3rd August at 4pm. I’m a huge fan of self-publishing (as all the novellas are self-published) and love talking about the ins and outs of the industry. I’ll even be giving a workshop on the basics of self-publishing later this year at QWC!


Speaking of workshops, I’ve been booked for two workshops with the Queensland Writers Centre later this year: the first will be on writing Fantasy, a full day on August 11, and the second will be a ‘self publishing 101’ to be held on 24th of November.


I’m often asked about sensitivity and diversity in writing. I am not the person people should be asking, I am Whitey McWhiterson. So I wrote an article about why you shouldn’t ask me for the QWC, called ‘Punching Down’, giving general tips on how to ask appropriate people about writing culture. And once again emphasising that I am not the person that people should be asking about this. I’ll let you know when it’s released!

Dragon Empire 2

I’ve been posting the contents of the next Dragon Empire book onto the Patreon – thanks for the feedback guys! Working title for book 2 is now ‘Guardian of Empire’ because (spoilers) Jian is going to end up as Captain of the Empress’ personal guard. Harper-Collins have accepted this and I am absolutely positive that this title will be changed either by them or me before the book is finished.

That’s all for July, folks! Watch my Facebook for possible convention updates. Nothing definite yet!