I just finished the Rainforest Writing Retreat at O’Reilly’s mountain resort on the Gold Coast Hinterland. I was one of multiple presenters who gave workshops to developing authors over the weekend, and it was a great chance to share stories and bounce ideas off everybody. I gave my ‘don’t stereotype characters’ workshop and they asked me to redevelop it for a school environment – now that’s a good idea! I even had some free time and was able to do some walks with Queenie, who was also presenting there.
View from the conference centre, where the workshops were held.
Moran’s falls, a 500m walk from the conference centre

In other News!

– I have sent ‘Scales of Empire’ to Tor Publishing in the US. The woman at the post office was very impressed that I was sending mail to Fifth Avenue in New York. Now to sit and quietly panic over the possibility of rejection. After twelve years of being published, I can still get rejected!
– Babel press in Japan have renewed the publishing license on ‘White Tiger’ – and asked for the rights to ‘Red Phoenix’ and ‘Blue Dragon’ as well. They translate the books into Japanese and release them for the local market.

Patreon Posts Are Up

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$2 Patrons:
There’s an out-take (well, not really) from the Dark Heavens series. It’s early thoughts on John’s return that I wrote before he’d even left. I found it in the ‘unused’ folder in Book 3.

$5 Patrons:
Part 4 of ‘David’ is up. This is an unpublished original novella from the Dark Heavens universe.

$10 Patrons:
The first thousand words of book 2 of the Dragon Empire series!

$25 Patrons:
$25 patrons have the chance to win a signed copy of the audiobook of ‘Scales of Empire’.

Now back to work on Book 2, and watch this space on details of workshops I’m presenting at QWC.