Author copies! 

May Update

‘Minds of Sand and Light’ Release

The books are printed, and they’ll be hitting shops soon (formal release date is June 7). I’m sending out signed copies to the high-level Patrons on my Patreon, and they should receive them next week! This is my first release in a while, and it’s as exciting as a first novel.

I will have pre-release copies at Oz Comic-Con Adelaide on June 3-4, and then Oz Comic-Con Melbourne June 10-11. If you come to the show, make sure to come up and say hello and get a signed copy!

I will definitely be doing Oz Comic-Con Brisbane and Sydney (and Sydney Book Fair) later this year, so if you’re in those cities you won’t miss out. Perth: next year (thanks to the support of my Patrons on Patreon for allowing me to cover travel).

Gold Coast HOTA Launch

As far as I know, this is still happening on June 14 in the Basement at HOTA, but I haven’t heard anything more from them about ticketing etc. When I find out more I’ll add it to my website.

Audiobooks: ‘Journey to Wudang’

It’s finally happening. Harper-Collins Australia and Bolinda audio are making audiobooks of ‘Journey to Wudang’ for Australia. They sent me an audition by the fabulous Anabelle Tudor, who has completely nailed the voice for the series. I am so excited and happy!  I may even have some author copies of the audio CDs to share at the conventions!

Full-Day Self-Publishing Workshop

I did a full-day workshop at QWC last week, and for the first time demonstrated the process of self-publishing a book digitally and in print. Lovely Lorraine offered her manuscript as a demonstration, and by the end of the day we had her books digitally published on multiple platforms, and were well on the way to her having print copies on her doorstep.

It was my first time to present an actual demonstration, and so much could have gone wrong – but didn’t (I did mess up the order of some of the slides but it went well anyway). Now that this workshop is established (whew!) I may take it on the road and present it privately. So many people have fantastic stories waiting to be told!