Autumn brings cooler breezes and brilliant clear blue skies. It’s borderline too cool to swim, and the beaches are still tourist-free.


The big upcoming thing is Gold Coast Supanova next weekend: I am not a guest of the show, didn’t purchase a table, but I will be floating around. Queenie Chan is a guest and I’ll be hanging out with her, and another friend┬áhas a table called ‘Pirate Dragon’ and I’ll be helping her as well. So you may see me there after all! I’ll be there purely as an attendee, not a guest.

But if you see me wandering around looking confused, feel free to stop me and say hello. And check out some of the guests that are there, it looks like it’ll be a great show!

Having a quiet period cuts both ways. I have nothing to report to you guys, but at the same time I’m writing up a storm. The Cyber Zheng ‘Minds of Sand and Light’ is sprinting and the new John/Emma story that I’m sharing on the Patreon is also surging.

Things Have Been Happening in the US as well, we have another champion added to the television series team and it’s moving forward, but I don’t want to share details because nothing has been finalised. It could still do its thing and all fall over.

So: The patreon patrons are receiving new John/Emma and MIP/Ruth stories and all is good. I’ll try to talk to Supanova/OZ Comic-con about shows the rest of this year, and I’ll see what I can arrange because I want to see you lovely people!