I had a great break with my daughter, who came up from Sydney just before the border closed. I hope everybody enjoyed the break as much as I did!

January Newsletter

Back to work! While my daughter was up in Gold Coast spending Christmas with me and the family, I didn’t get much writing (or self-publishing) done but I’m definitely back into it and feeling creative.

I’m working through ‘Dawn of Empire’, the final book in the Dragon Empire series, to self-publish it in US/Rest of the World. I need to reformat it completely and the conversion to US size and style is a great deal of work. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter, and I’ll post when I have it ready to go.


Harper-Collins US are preparing to release the final book in ‘Dark Heavens’ as audiobook in the next couple of weeks – it hasn’t appeared in stores so I don’t have a link for it yet.. Check out this wonderful cover!




The entire series will now be available as audiobooks outside Australia – which is wonderful news.

Australia/New Zealand: I know the audiobooks stopped at ‘Blue Dragon’. I fully expected them to do the entire series, but they seem to have stalled. I’ll be in touch with the publishers to see what’s going on.

Dragon Empire Audiobooks US/Rest of the World

I have completed negotiations with Bolinda to release the Dragon Empire audiobooks outside Australia, and the first book ‘Scales of Empire’ is listed for April of 2021. I’d better get a move on and reformat ‘Dawn’ so the print version comes out before the audiobook version! They should be available on all platforms like Audible.

Online Store

The online store will stay on my website for the forseeable future, and you’ll be able to buy signed copies of all the books there. Unfortunately the audiobooks aren’t physical copies, so I can’t sign CDs for you. But pop over and check it out if you’d like a signed book – and I can ship internationally.


Now if the rain would just stop, I’ll get ‘Dawn of Empire’ all formatted and then spend some time at the beach. I love summer at the Gold Coast!