‘And what time do you call this then? We’re dying of starvation here!’ – Pixie
This is one of the faces waiting for me on my arrival home from Brisbane Oz Comic-Con.

(Don’t take the picture yet I’m not ready oh what you already took it?)

Thanks so much to everyone who came to say hello at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane on March 26 and 27. It was so good to get back into the groove and hang out with my awesome authory-type friends!

Left to right: Thor of Oz (who is just lovely and not Chris Hemsworth), me, and the brilliant authors Kathleen Jennings, Trent Jamieson and Queen Isobelle Carmody, in her new tiara.

I did a panel about COVID with Dr Candice Michelle Goodwin, who is both a microbiologist and a science fiction author, and another with Isobelle on how our paths to publication diverged so spectacularly.

Definitely the best part was seeing my Brisbane fans. As part of their high-level patronage, I gave Patreon patrons Sonya and Monique passes to come to the show so they could¬†spend the day sitting with me at my table, wandering around looking at everything and enjoying the panels. I told them all the stories that I can’t tell anyone unless it’s in person and we had a terrific time!

I’m still in talks with the Comic-Con people about doing Adelaide (which mostly consists of me emailing the lovely people there and saying ‘Hey I wanna do Adelaide how about it?’) so as soon as I know for sure, I will put it up on my Facebook and website.

As part of my arts-centred career, I joined the committee that decides the project funding for the Regional Arts Development Fund. We met to assess twenty-one fabulous applications – and could only fund four. It was heart breaking as a practitioner to have to turn down so many culturally valuable projects, but the ones that we approved will be wonderful.

Now that the con is over and all the books are out of my car, I’m back to work on the new Simone/Emma spinoff (that the patrons are reading). I have a book to finish!