From ‘White Tiger’: The sun set behind us. The high rises along the beach made elongated shadows on the sand. The sky turned a delicate shade of lilac and the breeze became cooler. The beach was almost deserted. I pulled on my wrap. … This passage is the quintessential Gold Coast image for me. There’s even a tower painted in the same twilight lilac as the sky.


May Update


Adelaide Oz Comic-Con is go! I will be in Adelaide on May 21-22 (Oh no panic time do I have enough books?) at the Showgrounds for Oz Comic-Con. Get out your cosplay Adelaide, this will be wonderful!

I remember the outpouring of grief when Oz Comic-Con and Supanova both threatened to abandon Adelaide and Perth because they weren’t ‘economically feasible’ and I am so glad that the show is back for you, everyone.

After Brisbane, one of my friends complained that I didn’t post enough Cosplay pictures. This was because I was so busy talking to fans, I never had a chance to take any! Let’s hope that Adelaide’s the same and I have absolutely no good shots of the cosplayers to share.

As part of preparing for Brisbane Comic-Con Homegrown, I ordered some books from my publisher. Once again, they’re all different sizes. The first two books of ‘Dragon Empire’ are smaller than the last one, and I have limited numbers of the all-the-same-size international versions of the trilogy. I’ve checked my stock and I have four sets that are all the same size books, and I’ll bring them to Adelaide.

If I run out of books at Adelaide we can always arrange for me to send you signed copies anyway. And if you’d like to bring copies for me to sign there’s no fee involved (I’m not famous enough!) and you can bring as many books as you like.

See you in a couple of weeks Adelaide – and special thanks to the Patrons on Patreon who are partially funding this trip to South Australia, I couldn’t do it without you!