I pass a nature reserve on my daily walk, and it’s full of fairy wrens that nobody notices because they’re so small and camouflaged. There’s two in this photo.

February Update

Brisbane people I will be at Oz Comic-Con in March! I’ll post more details on my website as they become available.

I’m also talking to the Oz Comic-Con people about doing Adelaide in May, we’ll see how that pans out. They haven’t finalised their shows in the other cities, but hopefully I’ll be able to swing something there as well. Perth – your borders are closed, so that’s a significant factor in the planning. Again – we’ll see.

But Brisbane people come along in March, say hello, bring books to sign (as many as you like) or buy signed books off me, and I’ll be so glad to be out there talking to you again!

I’ll have all the Dark Heavens, all the novellas, plenty of copies of ‘Small Shen’ (which is out of print otherwise), all of the Dragon Empire, and some CDs of the audiobooks to choose from.

(And props to Queenie for being a tireless advocate for having authors at Comic-Con, the new owners had to be convinced that we’d be worth it. So if you do come along, make sure to give them feedback that you wanted to see me!)

Book Sizes

Note about buying signed sets of books from me at conventions: All the books are different sizes and I have hardly any control over it. I’ve listed all the reasons that they’re different sizes here on my website (under the ‘book sizes’ tab), but the upshot is that it is close to impossible to get a complete set of Dark Heavens that are all the same size. I’m doing my best, but I may be unable to get a matching set of Dragon Empire for you to buy at the show as well. I’m talking to Harper-Collins right now about getting some B-format ‘Dawn of Empire’ so that it will be the same size as the other two books.

Redcliffe Workshop

Kylie Chan headshot

I’m heading back to Redcliffe Library to give my (in)famous Character Creation workshop! This one is on March 19th (a week before Comic-Con) from 1.30 to 3.30, and attendance is free but you must register beforehand. If you’re on the North side of Brisbane, come along!

That’s all I have for now, March is looking super exciting! I am so glad to be getting out and about again, and I’m looking forward to saying hello to my Brisbane people.