I wanted to share the cover of ‘Minds of Sand and Light’ but we haven’t formally done a reveal yet, so you get the Gold Coast’s pink dusk instead. Watch my socials for the final version of the cover.

February Update

2023 is already spinning up to be a big year for me. ‘Minds’ will be released on June 7, and I’m already arranging travel to interstate cities to do signings (thanks Patrons!).
Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

I’ll be at Oz Comic-Con Adelaide June 3-4, and then in Melbourne June 10-11, and I’ll very likely be at the other shows later this year (Sydney, Brisbane and maybe Canberra). Unfortunately I can’t do Perth in April, but I will try to get to Perth next year. I’ll post more details on the shows as they become available.
HOTA - Home of the Arts

Gold Coast Home of the Arts helped me right at the start of ‘Minds’ – I received a small grant under HOTA’s ‘Rage Against the Virus’ Program in 2020, and that short story is what grew into ‘Minds’. They’ve offered to host a book launch at the Basement at HOTA Gold Coast, for June 14. Most exciting, and again I will post details when the ticket availability is up. (Click on the link to see HOTA’s absolutely wild gallery building, which is a local landmark!)

I am working on a new Dark Heavens novel, and it’s nearly finished! The Patrons have been reading it, and soon I’ll have to decide what to do with it. The working title is ‘The Serpent Princess’ (which is, of course, Simone).

Mentoring! I’m mentoring nine people through Writers Victoria for six months, and the sci fi and fantasy works are terrific fun reads. I’m also available for mentoring through the Queensland Writers Centre at any time, if you’d like me to help you with your novel.

I’m currently working through the final print layout of ‘Minds’ to make sure that all the Council discussions are in the right place. This book is really looking wonderful and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.