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August Update

It’s the middle of winter and I don’t have another appearance booked for two weeks, so time to catch up on the website. I’m planning to post an explanatory page about book sizes.
Top to bottom:
US Mass market paperback
Australian ‘A’ Format (First six books of Dark Heavens were published in this format)
Australian and UK ‘B’ Format (Celestial Battle and Dragon Empire were released in this format six months after Trade release)
Australian Trade format (Celestial Battle debut release, and the size of the omnibus editions)
… It’s complicated.
August Update
First up I have to congratulate Melissa Lucashenko for winning the Miles Franklin award. If I’ve ever mentioned speaking to a respected Aboriginal elder, that’s her. Her book ‘Too Much Lip’ is the sort of transcendent literature that people like me can only aspire to!
Oz Comic-Con Brisbane
Come along and say hello at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane at the Convention Centre on September 21-22. They’ll have Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) and Keynan Lonsdale (Kid Flash)!
Don’t panic if you cant make it, I’ll be doing Supanova Brisbane in November as well, sharing a table with Traci Harding and Isobelle Carmody.
Sorry Sydney
I will not be able to make Sydney Oz Comic-Con this year, they don’t have room for me in the new Olympic Park venue. If I’d known I would have bought a table at Supanova, but I wasn’t informed until after Nova had passed. I am working on something for Sydney, hopefully in the next few months, so keep an eye on the page and newsletter.
Adelaide fans – I’ll be there at Supanova November 1-2. I’m currently doing a callout to Patrons on my patreon to come along and give me a hand!
Winter Productivity
Apart from that, I’m not doing much publicity work, which is a good thing. I’m concentrating on the writing, and both ‘Dawn of Empire’ (we have a title!) and the Spinoff (which doesn’t have a title boo!) are humming along. I’m even able to post an extract from the new Dark Heavens novella for patrons, so even though I’m quiet on the appearances, the work part – writing the books – is happening.  Now we just need the weather to warm up, so I can head back to the beach!

Inari is thoroughly over the cold weather thankyouverymuch.

July Update

I’ve posted a bunch of photos of cosplay on my Instagram, and I won’t repeat them here. The middle of winter is a special time at the Gold Coast, the sunsets become intense and the beaches are empty except for enthusiastic Russian tourists swimming in the surf.
July Update
June was a busy month for me – I did Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, and Supanova Perth. I presented a workshop on self-publishing at the Queensland Writers Centre as well – and as soon as book 3 of Dragon Empire is done, I’ll make the self-publishing workshop into an online course on a host like Udemy.
Oz Comic-Con Melbourne
I’m a VIP guest of Oz Comic-Con, and they treat me exceptionally well. Thank you Melbourne, you were wonderful. I sold out of ‘Scales of Empire’ by the end of the first day, and I brought extra! Shoutout to the magnificent OZCC volunteers, who always look after me.
And thanks for the lovely fanart, Madison. I love receiving appreciation like this and I particularly love how you’ve made Emma badass and Simone so cute!
Supanova Perth
Whew – I finally made it. Thanks to all the Patrons on my Patreon who helped me get there. I’m not a VIP guest when I’m at Nova, but the staff of the con are lovely, warm and welcoming. As I didn’t have volunteer assistance provided by the con, I sent a callout to top-level patrons, to see if anyone would be interested in helping me out on the day. Amanda Furnivall came along and sat with me for both days of the con, and was a huge help. I asked her what it was like for her, and here’s what she wrote:


Seeing a convention from Behind the Table is a new experience for me. I’ve never really been one for the crush of people or the awkward 20 second interaction with a celebrity so to be honest, seeing a convention is a bit of a new one for me too! But spending a couple of days hanging out with Kylie and talking about everything from international travel, to obscure book snippets to how the publishing industry works with its highlights and difficulties was incredibly interesting. Kylie is a person full of stories, anecdotes and yes, lots of snark and cat photos! The engagement with her fans seems to be a tiring one for a person who I feel would be much more comfortable sitting in a quiet café with a book, but it is obvious to see how much every one of us means to her and how much her works mean to us!
The “sales spiels” about her books are often humorous and I certainly enjoyed the evolution of “This is a sci-fi series about sexy dragons in space!” (Which, in my opinion, barely covers off the nuanced intricacies of that alien species who effectively [redacted] then [redacted] while managing to [redacted].) to “It’s a first contact story where the aliens are so far advanced that they use our media to get in our brains before they ever initiate contact. They’ve already discovered that our primary requirements are food, shelter and sex… and they can provide all of these in abundance!”…! At this point, I shamefully admitted that while I’d devoured the Dark Heavens series at least a dozen times, I had yet to read the Empire series. It was amusing to watch Kylie try to Not Spoil It for me while we tried to come up with potential titles for the third book!
Kylie asked me to use this little piece to outline to people just how boring she is. Boring is not exactly how I would describe the weekend spent with her and meeting all her Perth fans. From meeting her delightful friends in the industry, to desperately trying to find a tissue for the young lass who was overcome with emotion at meeting her favourite author, every minute spent in Kylie’s company was unique and certainly not boring. It was an incredible experience and one I hope many more of Kylie’s fans take her up on!


I’m planning to do Supanova Adelaide in November, so if you’re a high-level patron you are more than welcome to come and help out!
Sorry Sydney
I expected Oz Comic-Con to invite me for Sydney and they haven’t, I’m not going. Sorry guys – Supanova Sydney has already come and gone (if I knew I wouldn’t get an invite I would have bought a table!) so it looks like I’ll have to arrange something else in Sydney in the second half of this year.
Yes Brisbane!
I am definitely attending Oz Comic-Con Brisbane on September 21-22 though.
I only have one school visit between now and then, so the rest of my July is dedicated to producing the next Dragon Empire book (thanks to Amanda’s assistance in finding a title) and the Simone spinoff.
Stay warm!

June Update

I went out to dinner in Brisbane’s Little Korea with my son a couple of weeks ago, and the cafe next door had Sakura tea. It’s salted and pickled cherry blossoms, steeped in hot water, and the salty-sweet flavour took me straight back to Japan. We were served sakura-flavoured ice cream, buns, and a great deal of tea while we were there during Cherry Blossom time. All the food was pink!
June Update: Melbourne and Perth
‘Guardian of Empire’ is now out in print and audiobook.

It should be available in all book stores and the audiobook is digital everywhere!
Oz Comic-Con Melbourne June 8-9
I’ll be there, Melbourne, and I’ll have BOXES of both ‘Scales of Empire’ and ‘Guardian of Empire’. It’s at the Melbourne Convention Centre NEXT WEEKEND! Come along and pick up signed copies. I’ll be in Artist’s Alley, right next to the entrance, at table AA02. Click here for a map of the show floor.
Many thanks for Oz Comic-Con for giving us VIP treatment at the show.

Supanova Perth June 28-30
This is thanks to the Patrons on my Patreon who have helped me FINALLY get to Perth.
I’ll be sharing a table with Isobelle Carmody, and we’ll be selling our books in Artist’s Alley. We’re not VIP guests at Supanova, so don’t go looking for us at the Dymock’s stand; we’ll definitely be somewhere in Artist’s Alley.
I’ll update everybody on our location when we find out what it is.
Adelaide: I’ve already booked my accommodation for November through, I just have to find cheap flights, and talk to Isobelle about sharing a table there as well. I will do my best to get to Supanova Adelaide!
Brisbane Sydney: I’m locked in for Oz Comic-Con Brisbane on September 21-22, I’ll give you an update when it’s a bit closer. I’ll talk to them about doing Sydney on September 28-29 as well; I’m sure they’ll have me.
Queensland Writers Centre Workshop

If you’re in Brisbane or South East Queensland, I’m doing a workshop at the Queensland Writer’s Centre on Southbank on Self-Publishing. It’s a full-day workshop, on Sunday the 23rd of June. We already have three bookings!
The workshop I did for them on ‘Fantasy World-Building’ in May was a great deal of fun and I actually had a professionally published children’s author there who probably contributed more than I did!
If you’re in Gympie, I’ll be visiting the writer’s festival and presenting a self-publishing workshop in October. Watch this space for more details.
It’s going to be a busy June – I don’t know how I’m managing to write in between all these appearances and workshops, but the words are flowing. Patrons are seeing a new novella starring some old favourites in the Dark Heavens universe!

May Update

OooOOOoooHHHhhh This arrived yesterday. It’s so pretty!
May Update
I’m back from Hong Kong and Japan and my feet still hurt.
But I don’t care – look at this beauty! The cover is (as usual) fabulous and I cannot wait to share this next stage in the journey with all of you. The trip to Japan (photos at has been both educational and inspirational. And the onsen town was particularly worthwhile.

This is what my desk looked like for days after I returned. The cats insist that the two weeks at the luxury cat resort was THE END OF THE WORLD and they are SCARRED FOR LIFE.

They took turns coming into my office, yelling at me and then storming out again. They’re still upset.
Patrons on my Patreon (at all levels) will receive a special set of extremely snarky out-takes from the trip that I’m not comfortable sharing in a widely public forum…

QWC World-Building Workshop

There’s still time to book a space at the Queensland Writers Centre for my fantasy world-building workshop to be held on May 18th at the State Library of Queensland. The last time I did one of these, one of the attendees was inspired to come to his first Comic-Con as a result and hopefully will work out that wizard cosplay he was talking about.
Click on the image to join the workshop, and if you’re an aspiring writer I can’t think of a better resource for improving your work than your local writers centre.

Melbourne Oz Comic-Con

I am confirmed to be attending Oz Comic-Con Melbourne June 8-9.  It’s at the Melbourne Convention Centre, so come along to the Con, wear cosplay of one of the Avengers or Justice League or something, get some comic-book art commissioned by awesome artists, then bring as many books as you like to me (you can put them in a locker while you’re buying stuff) and I’ll be very happy to sign them for you.
Nothing makes my convention day quite as much as someone coming up to me with a massive backpack full of my books and a face that screams ‘I’m not sure if she’s going to sign all of these!’
Perth Supanova
(And thanks to the Patreon patrons, I would not be doing this without you)
I’ve purchased a table in Artist’s Alley for Perth Nova and me and Isobelle Carmody will be sharing it. So it looks like we’ll be there June 28-30 to sign books and say hello and it’s been such a long time Perth I’m sorry!
Other Cities
Brisbane and Sydney are probably good to go (I may even get a Sydney ‘Guardian of Empire’ launch at Galaxy in June, I’ll let you know if I do) and I’ll do my best to get to Adelaide Supanova as well.
Now back to work on the next Dragon Empire book, and that Simone spinoff won’t write itself. Mika in Kyoto, who translated the books into Japanese for me, pushed me very hard to write more, and how can I turn her down when she bought me such excellent sake.
Patrons on my Patreon (at all levels) received a special set of extremely snarky out-takes from the trip that I’m not comfortable sharing in a widely public forum…


April Update

This is called the ‘First Pages’. It’s the final version of ‘Guardian of Empire’, in .PDF form, that will be plugged into the printing machine-type doohickey to make the books. And it is obviously Kitty Dinner Time for Madam Furry Butt.
April Update
I’m off at the end of this week to do a research trip to Hong Kong and Japan. I’ll be researching locations for the Simone Spinoff (I suppose I should think of a name for it) and the third Dragon Empire book (I suppose I should think of a name for that too).
My Japanese interpreter will be my daughter, joining me on the strict understanding that we visit at least one Onsen (hot springs) town while we’re there. I’ll be her Cantonese interpreter in HK.
We are going to Hong Kong first, and having a full day there at the end of the trip as a stopover on the way back.
We leave on Saturday 9th April, and the trip looks like this:
Hong Kong  > Osaka > Kinosaki Onsen > Kyoto > Miyajima Island (Another Onsen town) > Tokyo > Then back to Osaka, Hong Kong and home to Australia. We’ll be gone from the 6th to the 22nd of April.
Follow my escapades on my brand new instagram (@Kylie_Chan_Author) or through the Facebook page ( I’ll post photos of the places we go, and how/where I’ll be using them in the books.
I’m freaking out already. Only four days to go!