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May Update

OooOOOoooHHHhhh This arrived yesterday. It’s so pretty!
May Update
I’m back from Hong Kong and Japan and my feet still hurt.
But I don’t care – look at this beauty! The cover is (as usual) fabulous and I cannot wait to share this next stage in the journey with all of you. The trip to Japan (photos at has been both educational and inspirational. And the onsen town was particularly worthwhile.

This is what my desk looked like for days after I returned. The cats insist that the two weeks at the luxury cat resort was THE END OF THE WORLD and they are SCARRED FOR LIFE.

They took turns coming into my office, yelling at me and then storming out again. They’re still upset.
Patrons on my Patreon (at all levels) will receive a special set of extremely snarky out-takes from the trip that I’m not comfortable sharing in a widely public forum…

QWC World-Building Workshop

There’s still time to book a space at the Queensland Writers Centre for my fantasy world-building workshop to be held on May 18th at the State Library of Queensland. The last time I did one of these, one of the attendees was inspired to come to his first Comic-Con as a result and hopefully will work out that wizard cosplay he was talking about.
Click on the image to join the workshop, and if you’re an aspiring writer I can’t think of a better resource for improving your work than your local writers centre.

Melbourne Oz Comic-Con

I am confirmed to be attending Oz Comic-Con Melbourne June 8-9.  It’s at the Melbourne Convention Centre, so come along to the Con, wear cosplay of one of the Avengers or Justice League or something, get some comic-book art commissioned by awesome artists, then bring as many books as you like to me (you can put them in a locker while you’re buying stuff) and I’ll be very happy to sign them for you.
Nothing makes my convention day quite as much as someone coming up to me with a massive backpack full of my books and a face that screams ‘I’m not sure if she’s going to sign all of these!’
Perth Supanova
(And thanks to the Patreon patrons, I would not be doing this without you)
I’ve purchased a table in Artist’s Alley for Perth Nova and me and Isobelle Carmody will be sharing it. So it looks like we’ll be there June 28-30 to sign books and say hello and it’s been such a long time Perth I’m sorry!
Other Cities
Brisbane and Sydney are probably good to go (I may even get a Sydney ‘Guardian of Empire’ launch at Galaxy in June, I’ll let you know if I do) and I’ll do my best to get to Adelaide Supanova as well.
Now back to work on the next Dragon Empire book, and that Simone spinoff won’t write itself. Mika in Kyoto, who translated the books into Japanese for me, pushed me very hard to write more, and how can I turn her down when she bought me such excellent sake.
Patrons on my Patreon (at all levels) received a special set of extremely snarky out-takes from the trip that I’m not comfortable sharing in a widely public forum…


April Update

This is called the ‘First Pages’. It’s the final version of ‘Guardian of Empire’, in .PDF form, that will be plugged into the printing machine-type doohickey to make the books. And it is obviously Kitty Dinner Time for Madam Furry Butt.
April Update
I’m off at the end of this week to do a research trip to Hong Kong and Japan. I’ll be researching locations for the Simone Spinoff (I suppose I should think of a name for it) and the third Dragon Empire book (I suppose I should think of a name for that too).
My Japanese interpreter will be my daughter, joining me on the strict understanding that we visit at least one Onsen (hot springs) town while we’re there. I’ll be her Cantonese interpreter in HK.
We are going to Hong Kong first, and having a full day there at the end of the trip as a stopover on the way back.
We leave on Saturday 9th April, and the trip looks like this:
Hong Kong  > Osaka > Kinosaki Onsen > Kyoto > Miyajima Island (Another Onsen town) > Tokyo > Then back to Osaka, Hong Kong and home to Australia. We’ll be gone from the 6th to the 22nd of April.
Follow my escapades on my brand new instagram (@Kylie_Chan_Author) or through the Facebook page ( I’ll post photos of the places we go, and how/where I’ll be using them in the books.
I’m freaking out already. Only four days to go!

March Update

The cyclone has come and gone from the Gold Coast, but the damage it left behind has been extensive. That cliff used to be a gentle slope down to the water.
March Update
I’ve spent the last two weeks frantically revising the edits for ‘Guardian of Empire’, the second book in the Dragon Empire series. The final version is ready to go to typesetting and proofreading, and the cover is at the final design stages. Here’s some of the comments the editor popped into the margins:

(That isn’t all of them!)
Doncaster Libary Melbourne March 7th – 8th

That’s later this week! I will be attending the Whitehorse Manningham Libraries Chinese Reading and Writing Festival, I’ll be in Doncaster Library on Thursday at 4pm to give a talk on ‘Writing Kung Fu’ and then on Friday at 11am to talk with Carole Wilkinson about ‘Researching China’. I’ll be at the library for most of the day those two days, so please come by, say hello, and bring some books to sign if you like.
If you want to attend the talks, you can book for them on the booking page (it’s free to attend).
(Queenie’s there as well – she’s talking about Empress Wu.)

May Workshop at the QWC

I’ll be presenting a full-day workshop on writing speculative fiction at the Queensland Writers Centre on May 18. Here’s the booking page if you’d like to attend: I can guarantee it’ll be fun day of wildly creative worldbuilding!

‘Guardian of Empire’ Release
The lucky patrons on the Patreon have been reading ‘Guardian’ (and the Simone spinoff!) for a while now, so it’s good news to finally have a release date: we’re looking at it hitting the shelves in June. Watch this space for more information – and a cover reveal – as the day approaches!

February Update

These are called Anticrepuscular rays. Many people on the beach stopped and took photos of them, they were striking.
February Update
Things slow down for me during the summer. I close off unfinished tasks, and spend some time doing jobs that were lower down in the inbox.
I’ve yet to update my website, but that will definitely be happening next. I need to add links to my new speaking agency and school information!
‘Guardian of Empire’
Harper-Collins have established a release date for book 2 of the Dragon Empire series, ‘Guardian of Empire’. It’s due out in April, so watch this space for more details.
The magnificent artists at Harper-Collins have been putting a cover together based on my specifications, and there was some hilarious back-and-forward about the difference between a dress uniform – and a uniform that’s a dress. And kinky boots. If you’re a patron, check out the draft cover images on the site!
Down the Research Rabbit Hole
Another thing I’ve been up to is researching – in this case the Yayoi Dynasty of Japan. There isn’t much hard historical information about that period, but that’s fine because I deal with mythos most of the time anyway. This is a pre-written history era, with minimal artifacts to work off, so it’s not surprising that there’s some wild speculation. I found a book that’s basically Japanese ‘Chariots of the Gods’, and I knew I’d hit the bottom of the research rabbit hole when I saw this:

And maybe the only reason you find this outrageous is because YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.
Okay, maybe not.
Whitehorse Manningham Libraries Melbourne
If you’re in Melbourne, you can catch me talking about Chinese storytelling at Whitehorse Manningham Libraries Chinese Festival on March 7th and 8th.
Here’s a link to the site, if you’d like to book for one of the sessions:
Whitehorse Manningham Library Chinese Festival
I’m tentatively booked for a QWC workshop in May on Writing Fantasy, I’ll post more details of that as I have them.
Patreon supporters are receiving a copy of the Patron-only Dark Heavens story ‘Corporate Liability’ – in print or digital depending on their tier, and sharing comments on draft covers for the next ‘Dragon Empire’ book!

January Update

January Update

My daughter came up from Sydney and spent much time at the beach. Her cat was extremely pleased to see her, and made sure to remind her exactly what her main role in life should be.
I hope everybody had a terrific break! I’m back at work, typing merrily away and my to-do list is a mile long. l’ve stuck a new 2019 calendar onto the wall, and I already have one booking as well as a trip to Hong Kong and Japan booked for April.
I’ll be in Melbourne for Whitehorse Manningham Libraries Chinese Reading and Writing Festival in March. I’ll be giving two talks:
7 March 4pm, Doncaster Library: ‘Writing Kung Fu’
8 March 11 am, Doncaster Library: ‘Researching China’ with Carole Wilkinson
If you live in Melbourne, you’re welcome to come along to the library and say hello! These events aren’t up on the library website yet, so no link, but I’ll update on my Facebook page with more details when they become available.
The April trip is booked! We’ll be heading to Hong Kong for three days, then Japan for ten days, in April of 2019. More details closer to the trip!