I’ve posted a bunch of photos of cosplay on my Instagram, and I won’t repeat them here. The middle of winter is a special time at the Gold Coast, the sunsets become intense and the beaches are empty except for enthusiastic Russian tourists swimming in the surf.

July Update

June was a busy month for me – I did Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, and Supanova Perth. I presented a workshop on self-publishing at the Queensland Writers Centre as well – and as soon as book 3 of Dragon Empire is done, I’ll make the self-publishing workshop into an online course on a host like Udemy.

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

I’m a VIP guest of Oz Comic-Con, and they treat me exceptionally well. Thank you Melbourne, you were wonderful. I sold out of ‘Scales of Empire’ by the end of the first day, and I brought extra! Shoutout to the magnificent OZCC volunteers, who always look after me.

And thanks for the lovely fanart, Madison. I love receiving appreciation like this and I particularly love how you’ve made Emma badass and Simone so cute!

Supanova Perth

Whew – I finally made it. Thanks to all the Patrons on my Patreon who helped me get there. I’m not a VIP guest when I’m at Nova, but the staff of the con are lovely, warm and welcoming. As I didn’t have volunteer assistance provided by the con, I sent a callout to top-level patrons, to see if anyone would be interested in helping me out on the day. Amanda Furnivall came along and sat with me for both days of the con, and was a huge help. I asked her what it was like for her, and here’s what she wrote:


Seeing a convention from Behind the Table is a new experience for me. I’ve never really been one for the crush of people or the awkward 20 second interaction with a celebrity so to be honest, seeing a convention is a bit of a new one for me too! But spending a couple of days hanging out with Kylie and talking about everything from international travel, to obscure book snippets to how the publishing industry works with its highlights and difficulties was incredibly interesting. Kylie is a person full of stories, anecdotes and yes, lots of snark and cat photos! The engagement with her fans seems to be a tiring one for a person who I feel would be much more comfortable sitting in a quiet café with a book, but it is obvious to see how much every one of us means to her and how much her works mean to us!

The “sales spiels” about her books are often humorous and I certainly enjoyed the evolution of “This is a sci-fi series about sexy dragons in space!” (Which, in my opinion, barely covers off the nuanced intricacies of that alien species who effectively [redacted] then [redacted] while managing to [redacted].) to “It’s a first contact story where the aliens are so far advanced that they use our media to get in our brains before they ever initiate contact. They’ve already discovered that our primary requirements are food, shelter and sex… and they can provide all of these in abundance!”…! At this point, I shamefully admitted that while I’d devoured the Dark Heavens series at least a dozen times, I had yet to read the Empire series. It was amusing to watch Kylie try to Not Spoil It for me while we tried to come up with potential titles for the third book!

Kylie asked me to use this little piece to outline to people just how boring she is. Boring is not exactly how I would describe the weekend spent with her and meeting all her Perth fans. From meeting her delightful friends in the industry, to desperately trying to find a tissue for the young lass who was overcome with emotion at meeting her favourite author, every minute spent in Kylie’s company was unique and certainly not boring. It was an incredible experience and one I hope many more of Kylie’s fans take her up on!




I’m planning to do Supanova Adelaide in November, so if you’re a high-level patron you are more than welcome to come and help out!

Sorry Sydney

I expected Oz Comic-Con to invite me for Sydney and they haven’t, I’m not going. Sorry guys – Supanova Sydney has already come and gone (if I knew I wouldn’t get an invite I would have bought a table!) so it looks like I’ll have to arrange something else in Sydney in the second half of this year.

Yes Brisbane!

I am definitely attending Oz Comic-Con Brisbane on September 21-22 though.

I only have one school visit between now and then, so the rest of my July is dedicated to producing the next Dragon Empire book (thanks to Amanda’s assistance in finding a title) and the Simone spinoff.

Stay warm!