Author: Kylie Chan

February Update

FINALLY. Thirteen years after it was released in print, ‘White Tiger’ is now an audiobook (only available in Australia – see below for the US version.) And of course there is a problem with it, and...

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January Update

  Summer means WATER SPINACH (Ong Choy)! Details and recipe (sort of) below.   January Update Welcome to 2020 and I hope we all have a really great year! The summer holidays are in full swing, the pool is full of...

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December Update

All the workshops and conventions are done for the year and I have so many things I want to do – including finishing book 3 of Dragon Empire – and instead I am a Flat Panda. Pixie gets it.   December Update I...

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November Update

  Traci Harding interviewed me and Queenie at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane in September. Here it is on her channel – she has plenty of interesting writing tips and industry news! November Newsletter Better late than never!...

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October Update

I’ve written a quick summary of the Hong Kong protests and shared it on my website. You can check it out here: THE HONG KONG PROTESTS: A QUICK (AND BY NO MEANS COMPLETE) SUMMARY Feel free to share it if you like, I have no...

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